Zwave repair

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Is there a way to tell which socket is being reported as unhealthy


The device ID that’s reported back in the event log, which should also include the name. Here’s a discussion on what you can expect:

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Damn. Assume the “failed to update route” is the bad one that I need to exclude. The pain is its a outlet on the fringe of my network. Thought I added enough zwave devices to extend the network :frowning: have battery ones further out now that are working fine. readding is major pain…


No need to exclude it. Just go to the device in the phone app, tap the gear, and then tap “Replace”. Toggle the device manually while the process is going through “Checking device”. This preserves all the smartapps and routines the device is in.

Can you double check the message? If you got “Failed to update mesh info”, then you may be OK and just may need to go through several zwave repairs to optimize your mesh.

I just recently replaced my hub, and I had a ton of devices to replace. Zwave was the biggest pain, but after several zwave repair processes, I’m doing very well right now. I haven’t needed to do a repair since early April.

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Thanks will give that a try. I’ve done a billion :wink: repairs. Getting “failed to update router” message.

I’ve got this outlet and a battery sensor on my gate which are annoying the hell out of me. Both are about 5-10 feet away (in different parts of the house) from Aeon zwave switches that I put in to extend the network (plugged into wall turning on/off lights) and work fine. I am assuming im running into a hop restriction which is why they are not using the extenders right next to them. seriously annoying since I cant tell if thats really the issue