Question about SmartThings-certified device

I want to publish SmartThings-certified device.
But I can only find publish connector as SmartThings-compatible. I don’t known how to change this options to SmartThings-certified.
I need help!!

I can’t find any options in this page.

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Otherwise the certification requires the device to be shipped physically for certification and some cost is involved as well.

Thanks for your interest in the certification.
@GSzabados is right, you would need to send the physical device and it has a cost.
If you still want to go through this process, please send an email to and we’ll provide you detailed information about it.

And I want to get the self-assessment checklist, now I can’t open SmartThings-certified page.

I have sent the email, and Thanks for told me how to sent the device to certification.
I need the first step, publish request as wwst.
First I want to open SmartThings-certified page, can you help me to enter this step. Just like the document “Submit a cloud-connected device

  • Click START A NEW REQUEST and select the Works with SmartThings (WWST) option.

I can’t find the WWST option , but I find a picture in Brands

I would like to know whether the device uses Type C or Type E, so that the corresponding version of the device can be sent out

Hi, @Cannan. Can you give more details about your question, please?
Adding the reference where you got the info would be really helpful.

In the previous email communication, we learned that the equipment to be certified needs to be sent to Poland, and our equipment is divided into many versions according to the switch socket specifications.According to our information, Poland is currently using the socket standard of European standard and French standard, so we would like to know which version of the equipment should be sent to you.

I’m checking this with the internal team, as soon as I get their feedback, I’ll let you know. :handshake:

@cannan, the certification team suggests you send one device for each sockets specification (the European and French).
Let me know if you have more questions.

What does certification involve, or what are the test cases.

Please, let me verify this info with the certification team and I’ll get back to you.

We’re going to start certification now.
Still can’t choose SmartThings-certified.

Please take a look at the previous discussion to see if the cloud connector is unable to certificate and does not open the Web UI.

Please tell me how to do.

@cannan, please send your inquiries about the certification process to and we’ll continue our conversation there. Thanks!

Has the cloud connector been unable to certification, or has the certification rule been changed?

The documentation says we can do this.

Hi, @Cannan. We already received your email so, we’ll continue our conversation through that channel as we need some particular information of your case.
Thank you! :handshake: