Publish Cloud Connector

I’m developing a SmartThings Schema to connect a third-party Cloud to Smartthings. Everything is working fine, and all Interaction Types are implemented, but now when I try to publish to the public I can only publish it as “Works-with SmartThings (WWST)”.

I don’t want to certify the devices that use in the connector, I just want to link accounts, like Shelly, Smart Life, Garadget, Ismartgate, and Remootio for example.
What I’m doing wrong?

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @renatopinheiro!

The Publish process is indeed to certify the devices as WWST and it’s done by their manufacturers so the integration appears in the official device catalog in the ST app.
If this connector is for personal use, having it as “Deployed to test” and install them from the option “My testing devices” that appears when you enable the developer mode of the app.

Yes, I know that, but is not for personal use, is for production. Is all working fine and tested.
The companies that I reference appear differently from the other companies that say Works-with SmartThings. When you want to add a device from any of that companies appears a button saying “Link account”. I think that the certification is not the same as WWST. For example that companies don’t appear in Works With SmartThings List | SmartThings
I Want to understand how I can certify in the same way.
Exists any support email or I can send you a private message so we can discuss this privately?

There used to be Compatible With SmartThings (CST) and Works With SmartThings (WWST) certifications. CST was less stringent than WWST. I believe they got rid of CST.

Sure, it’s We can discuss this further there.

However, @Automated_House is right, CST certification is no longer available, it was mainly used for Cloud-to-Cloud integrations.
The WWST certification can be completed faster than a CST certification and ensures a better user experience.

Sent an email to that address but don’t received any response until now.

But the WWST certificate only can be for 1 product each time, or I can certificate all like in CST certification?

Sorry for the delay, we are checking some info with the certification team. We’ll let you know once we get their feedback.

No problem, thanks.