No option to publish as "SmarthThings-compatible" device

Hello, we are developing a SmartThings integration for our Smart Home system. We have developed a Cloud Connector, and a Device Profile. Everything works as expected when testing.

We would like to publish as “SmartThings-compatible” since we don’t want the “WWST” certification at the moment.

However, when trying to publish, we only have one option “Publish connector as Works-with SmartThings (WWST) certified”. Why can’t we publish it as a SmartThings-compatible device/connector?

Thanks for your support.

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Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Master!
The SmartThings Compatible option is now deprecated, only the WWST certification is available.
However, the last one can be completed faster than a CST certification and ensures a better user experience.

Thanks for the tag, @johnconstantelo

WWST requires UL certification, CST didn’t. Is there any option to add drivers without going through UL certification?

By UL certification, do you mean without the tests made by the UL test lab as mentioned here?

No, these tests are the ones that ensure the correct compatibility of the device with the SmartThings platform, this means we get the expected response from the device to SmartThings and vice-versa.

If you have further questions about the process itself, their contact info is included here. Also, during the certification process, you will be in direct contact with the corresponding team who can help you with any doubt based on your particular case.

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It isn’t a regular UL listing. It’s a certification developed specifically for SmartThings to test standard functionality for specific device classes, including compatibility with standard voice assistant commands. Basically Samsung has now outsourced the smartthings compatibility test that they used to do in-house to UL. Details at the link @nayelyz provided.

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Isn’t there an easier way to contribute to the repo without going through certification?

Sorry, unfortunately, there’s no other option available.
If you’re the official representative of a manufacturer, you can proceed with the certification of their device but they would have to:

  • Pay the corresponding fee
  • Confirm with us you’re their representative