"Publish" a Smartapp like you did in Classic/Groovy?

So I have written many Groovy SmartApps in the Classic platform, and I have been using them for years. I have purchased RBoy apps and deployed those too. When I finish testing a SmartApp I wrote in Classic, or if I want to use an RBOY app I downloaded the code for, I “Publish” the app to a location for me only, and then I can use it in the mobile app.

Now, I have created several new apps on the new platform. For example, I created a Webhook app using NodeJs, registered/verified it, deployed it to test, , turned on Dev Mode in the mobile app, added an instance of my new WebHook SmartApp using the mobile app, and tested it successfully. IT ALL WORKS! AMAZING! But now what do I do? Do I have to Publish it for my own use, or do I just leave it Deployed in test mode forever? I cannot find a next step.

Am I just missing something?