My Groovy IDE stopped publishing my smartapp just now

I know the phase out is coming and we are trying to get the API based stuff working ( another beast of documentation that leads you to many rabbit holes trying to get that going). In teh mean time we are adding customers via the old Groovy IDE way with many account id and in dev mode. Was working great but now when I save and publish the dev code the smartapp does not publish.

Only thing that changed was I published some test code on the new API dev code side. I’ve unpublished it but publishing from the Groovy IDE still does not work. Did i miss an announcement that cloud support is gone or that the Groovy IDE is not publishing any more.

Any ideas are appreciated…

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Hi, @tryagain. It’s good having you back in the Community forum.

Do you mean that the SmartApp is not published because it doesn’t reflect the last changes you made?
This is because sometimes, the configuration is cached and a way to go around that is creating a new SmartApp with the same configuration but a different name.

Does your SmartApp use the OAuth configuration?

Just to throw in… login to IDE at :slight_smile:

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Hi Nayelyz,

A couple things and thx for the quick response.

With the lastest firmware update, the Groovy IDE DOES publish the smartapp but it does not show up as published when you go to the location page of the IDE and ask for a list of smartapps. This threw me off as I was dependent on that to work. The second thing is that the latest 37.x update of the smartthings app is the only way to install the app. Third, you have to wait about 3 minutes for the published groovy ide smartapp to show in the list of smartapps available on the SmartThings automation list. Once installed it shows up in the location list of smartapps in the groovy IDE.

So a few extra steps but it still works.

Thanks again for the help.


I’m glad it’s working. About the list of SmartApps, if you refer to the page below, it only shows the installed SmartApps:

All your published SmartApps should appear in the SmartApps catalog of the SmartThings app. It’s located in:

Menu > SmartApps > Add (+) > below the “custom” category.

Also, once you finished installing a SmartApp, you’re redirected to the page where the installed ones are listed, this should be updated right away.

About the hub version, if you have a lower version than 37.x it doesn’t appear in the SmartApps catalog or you receive an error?

Yes its working that way. The main catch is after publishing in the Groovy IDE from my desktop I had to wait about 3 minutes for it to show up in the custom field of the phone app. It never took that long before. I thought maybe the new API development was causing confusion for the existing publishing mechanism from the Groovy IDE. I went back and renamed the project name and the webhook name to something other than what we use on the existing network.

On the API development I have some questions but will open under a new topic.

Thank you so much for your guidance.

I didn’t experience that but what I always do is go to the main page of the ST app before publishing the SmartApp and then go to the catalog.
You can also close and open the app again to refresh the list.

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