How to use your own SmartApps?

Newbie question.

I created a smartapp and it works in the simulator. Then I clicked Publish.

The next step is, how do I get it running proper? Looking for it on the phone under SmartApps I don’t see it in the category I put it under. On the web UI I don’t see any other way of getting it running for my hub.


@jamesyong under smartapps you’ll see a section for “my apps” you can install it from there. I don’t believe ST is sharing apps in the iOS just yet. You can get to the shared apps via the sample apps within your own app creation and steal the code.

I’m using Android.
So on my phone app, I go to the Home menu and went into Explore SmartApps right. There I see various categories but no My Apps.

@jamesyong Step 1: Buy an iPhone. Then repeat the steps that I laid out :slight_smile:


it appears much of the ST team is out on vacation. I can’t help you with the application itself but I can say that when you configure a “test” in the ST website that is actually installing the application on those devices. It’s not ideal but it does work in the short term until someone else can help with the Android app.

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Once you’ve published the app for yourself, open the SmartApps menu in the top right of the Android app. Select “Explore SmartApps” then click “My Apps”. If you don’t see “My Apps”, try logging out and logging back in to the app as well as verifying that your SmartApp is published.

If you need any more help feel free to reach out to us at


Yeah i notice its already “running” on my system, but I don’t see any way of managing it. Where are the necessary UIs?

I logged in and out of the Android app, finally My Apps appeared. But trying to get to it shows that its “not installed”. So what happens if I install it again? If I update the code while its installed, does the updated code run in place?

There seems to be quite a few necessary UI lacking, particularly to merge the online admin panel with the phone app. What I can do on the phone, I cant do online, and theres a huge disjoint in information presented.

What a user expects to see:

  1. Web UI for managing installed/running apps
  2. Same information is presented on the phone app
  3. If app is out of date, either automatically reinstall it or prompt user to do so
  4. Being groovy, I’d expect that exceptions would be thrown at runtime. A finite length of runtime per-app logs should be available.

Meanwhile I’m gonna have to find a more maintainable way of automating my sensors and switches…