Self-publish Classic Groovy SmartApp

I’m trying to use the classic smartapp (Groovy) in the new SmartThings mobile app, but can’t find the way to do it.

Since classic apps written in Groovy are not offered in the Automations section of the mobile app, I decided to create the smartapp and sulf-publish it myself in the

I can successfully add the code of the application and then publish it “For me”. But then in the ST mobile app I don’t see it in the Automations list. Not even with the Developer mode enabled.

So, is there a way to still install classic Groovy apps in the all new and shiny SmartThings?


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Nope. Once you get everything done in the IDE you still must use the Classic app to install your smartapp. Afterwards you should be able to see it in the new app.


Sweet! Thanks for pointing out the SmartThings Classic app. I didn’t know about that one. Thought it was just updated to the new version.

I can now see and play with my published app.

Thanks for your help!

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