Unpublish Smart App

Quick question, is there a way to unpublish a SmartApp?

I’d like to keep some in the IDE for reference and possible future use but I don’t like seeing extra SmartApps in the mobile UI.


I’m not sure if there is an official way, but you could copy the code from the app in question. Delete the app. Then make a new app from the code you copied.

Yea I’ve been treating Github as my library, I just feel weird putting unchanged smartapps from other devs in there.

If you fork their app, it remains unchanged and appropriately credits the right dev. Harder to “organize” forked items though.

How about an “Un-publish” button for our device-types and smart-apps? Sometimes I like to play with new code and don’t want to delete my working code, yet they use the same hub and my cause issues if left published.