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Problems connecting from IFTTT (February 2017)

(Kevin) #1

I recently bought my first SmartThings hub (v2) in a kit with two lightify a19 bulbs. So far everything is working great and i can control the lights from the app or my Google Home. However I also wanted to try integrating with IFTTT --but every time i try to connect from ifttt it fails.

I’m going to where I click connect, enter my ST credentials and then get a screen where I select my location and get a list of devices. I check my bulbs under switches and click authorize. And I get message on the next screen that says “Could not connect SmartThings” and ifttt doesn’t let me use SmartThings in recipes – it acts as if I’ve never logged in. I can see IFTTT under Smartapps now in the app on my phone too, but again IFTTT acts as if it can’t see anything.

Any idea what is wrong or how to debug this?

Quick gif video of what happens when I try

IFTTT couldn't connect to Smartthings
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(Neal ( / #2

Contact support at

It’s an issue reported the day before yesterday.

(Kevin) #3

Thanks, I contacted support. I didn’t realize this was a known issue.

(Neal ( / #4

Well it’s pretty new (from what I know).


Having the same problem :dizzy_face: I’m really close to returning my brand new ST hub and pulling the good old perfectly working wink hub! :triumph:

(Crash Override) #6

This what everyone is experiencing?

(Kevin) #7

Yes, that is exactly what is happening.

( #8

Same problem here. Thought that IFTTT and Google Home might be fighting over “automation rights” because I can voice control the lights w/o IFTTT (which I didn’t expect to be able to do). But I would rather use IFTTT b/c it is much more flexible. I also have a harmony hub which has connected to IFTTT and Google Home without issue. Hope the context helps!

(m.disieno) #9

I’m having the same issue. Any updates on the progress of this?

(Neal ( / #10

@slagle or @Tyler or @Aaron can you provide any feedback on this? It seems to be affecting a few users at this point.

(Aaron S) #11

We are looking into this. Please contact support with your SmartThings and IFTTT email addresses (if different) so we can investigate. Thanks!

(Daku) #12

Hi, I’m having the same issue.

(Patrick McNeil) #13

I’m also experiencing this issue. Your GIF matches my experience exactly. Good to know I’m not the only one!

(Adam Wiseman) #14

I’m having the exact same problem with my ST hub I just bought. I’ve submitted a help request with support, hopefully it’ll be resolved soon!


I don’t get any notification. after I authorize it goes back to the recipe in the off position. i click it on and i go through the whole routine again. It does show up in the smartthings app (it is a door lock) though. I am trying to get the door to lock through alexa.

(Adam Reno) #16

Exact same problem here. Opened an incident with smartthings.


Thanks for making the gif – it makes it easy to confirm that our experiences match exactly.

An additional data point… when I go back to my SmartThings iOS app, it clearly shows a connection to IFTTT, and I get the familiar, granular permissions page.

However, upon going back to IFTTT to use the SmartThings device, it says I am not connected, and we’re back to your gif.

I’ve submitted a case to add to the tally.

(Daku) #18

Hello again, is there any expectation as to when this will be corrected?


(Robert Gagliardo) #19

I have the same problem as well. New to ST and IFTTT connectivity was one of the main reasons to get ST. I also have (2) 8 series TV and they can’t connect to ST either. That’s (2) strikes against ST for me. Hoping it is an easy fix for ST dev. It seems like IFTTT is setup to use the OLD api endpoints for Hub v1?



I also see a lot of null pointer / number format exceptions in the API logs as well.


(Robert Gagliardo) #20

I sent in a request to support today, with plenty of screenshots as well. Hope it helps!