Using IFTTT to integrate SmartThings with Blink Camera

When I arm my SmartThings Smart Home Monitor I also want my Blink Camera system to be armed. IFTTT has integrations to both, but I don’t see a trigger in IFTTT under SmartThings for Smart Home Monitor - Armed. Has anyone else played around with this?

It can be done using virtual switches. I currently use RBoy’s app but when Blink started blocking 3rd party apps other than IFTTT I had it working for a wek before the said they were going to continue to allow his app to be used. I had 2 virtual/simulated switches, for camera control (interior zone and exterior zone on my 2 modules) that were controlled by my routines. IFTTT would use the switch change as the trigger to arm or disarm the modules.

Edit: If you really want to use SHM as the control, you could use a CoRE/WebCoRE piston that changes the simulated switch to on when SHM hanges to Armed (Away) and off when disarmed.

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Thanks! I’m trying to connect IFTTT to SmartThings but it’s going to and I’m on Any idea how to adjust that in IFTTT?

I would conntact ST Support on that. Once you start setting up the service, it should ask for you Samsung Connect or Smartthings account email. Then it should go to the ST username and password to sign into the your accounts speciffic IDE/graph. Did you try pasting the correct graph api over the on the oauth/confirm assess page to see if that will work? I believe it is a ST issue rather than an IFTTT.

Yea I tried copying the correct one in and pasting it, but that returned an error.

I would contact support, maybe they can get it fixed. Sounds similar to the issues in the past.

I don’t remember having to go to the IDE at all for this integration…Are you sure you are doing it according to the instructions?

I got it working. Apparently IFTTT doesn’t care what shard you’re on when you connect it to smartthings

Dean did you get IFTT to work with Smarthings without buying RBoy? I am looking for the same function but haven’t figure out a way yet.

Blink has an IFTTT channel so you can create a virtual switch in SmartThings and tie that switch to an IFTTT recipe. No where near as integrated as RBoys DTH but works… sl…ooooowwww…lllll…yyyy