Problem with Z Wave Plus not updating status?

I just installed a GE/Jasco Z Wave Plus Smart Switch. It works fine except on the ST app it shows it as always ON regardless of the actual status. Its working great with SmartApps, routines and Alexa it just will not display its true status. Anyone have any ideas?

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You may want to try turning off and back on the circuit breaker reading the switch.

Could be signal issues, some functionality of Z-Wave devices will randomly work if the signal is too weak.

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I have installed two Jasco zwave plus switches and one dimmer and they work as switches but they do not report their status at all, no matter how many times I reset them. I am working with support at Smartthings to see what can be done other than removing them, returning them and replacing them.


This is also being reported as a problem with the new Leviton Z wave plus switches. Definitely let support know if you are seeing this.

Hope they solve this soon.

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I do not have this issue it seems with my Leviton Z wave plus switches. I only have 2 dimmers currently. I do notice a slight delay in the app for when the status changes from turning on/off to actually saying “on/off.”

Are you using V2 hub? I’m still on V1. I’ve not yet switched over, I heard there are problems with V2

I have the V2 hub and it’s been pretty stable for me. I could be wrong but I don’t think the V1 hub supports z wave plus which could cause some issues, although they are all supposed to be compatible.


My assumption, the chances of having a problem as an individual v2 hub is less than an individual v1 hub.

But since there are a lot more v2 hubs in operation than v1 hubs there are going to be more v2 reported problems in these forums.

My v2 hub has been more reliable than my v1 hub.

The V1 hub went through several hardware iterations in the two years or so that it was available for sale. The earliest versions used Z wave classic, but by mid 2015, just before it was replaced by the V2 hub, it was being manufactured with a zwave plus chip. So some people have a V1 hub with the older Z wave chip and some have a Z wave plus version.

Try this, keep the up button pressed to exclude and then repair the device. Then do a Z-Wave network repair. Had this issues a few times in the last 2 years and this appears to fix it. Don’t forget to reboot your ST hub first before doing any of this.

hi I wanted to reply to this thread as I had the same issue with a number of brand new leviton zwave plus switches - the key is not just to follow the instructions to exclude, which I did 10 times, on the newer ones you need to KEEP holding the paddle up for quite a bit longer before you will see a series of red flashes, this seems to be a “real” factory reset, this fixed all my issues once I re-added the device. and yes on both the zwave and zwave plus leviton switches I have (DZS15 and DSZ15s) there is a 1-10 second delay to register the status to the hub when when physically pressing the switch - you get used to it :slight_smile:


I was having the same problem with Leviton Z-wave plus dimmers. I was able to diagnose my issue as being a SmartThings/Alexa integration issue. After resetting the dimmer and excluding / readding it from/to SmartThings, I would tell Alexa to discover new devices. Depending on whether or not I told her to discover new devices after excluding the dimmer and again after re-adding it, I sometimes had two items with the same name in the Alexa devices and Alexa groups. When only one of the two identical devices was checked in Alexa groups, the Alexa command would work, but Smartthings would not register the change. (If I controlled the dimmer in SmartThings, it would also work but not register the change.) When I checked both of the identical device names in Alexa groups and then turned off that group through Alexa, SmartThings started registering the change again.

So I am having a slight issue and I am not sure if it is because I using a 3 way and 4 way setup…

I am using the Leviton DZS15 as the master and 2 DD0SR-DLZs (one in a 3-way and one in a 4-way). The DZS15 works and updates the hub if i:

  1. Turn the switch on/off manually.
  2. Turn the switch on/off via ST.

If I turn the switch on either manually or via the ST app and turn it off via the 3 or 4 way switch manually, I hear the DZS15 click off, but the ST hub never updates.

I have tried exclusion and removing the device and doing the, “true” factory reset (red flashing lights), but it still won’t update if the switch status changes from one of the slave switches.


Multiple people have reported that the newest Leviton switches do not tell the hub of a change in status if the change is initiated from the auxiliary switch. That would appear to be a bug on their part, so I would contact Leviton support. Hopefully it’s something they can fix in firmware eventually.

Maybe this will help.

I have seen horrible Leviton support feedback from users, so I think I won’t bother with dealing with them.

The switches above (I know it could be partly advertising), explain what happened with the, “instant status,” patent.

It appears that they have this resolved since the patent has expired.

I ordered 2 sets (2 4-way circuits) and I will see how they work.

Yeah, unfortunately that particular article is both inaccurate and misleading. For one thing there were two patents involved, for another they only applied to dimmers, and for a third, the new switches they are talking about as now having “instant status” are actually using “central scene command” not the old instant status which was done with the hail Command set. So their availability doesn’t actually have anything to do with the patents one way or the other, but rather with the introduction of the new central scene command sets.

All of which is a lot of technical detail you’re probably not interested in. There’s been a lot of discussion in the forums about all of these issues, but the critical thing is that none of them have anything to do with the Leviton problems. Those are just problems that came in with the new model and they seem to have done something wrong. Which hopefully they will fix eventually.

You can read more about the new kinds of switches in the following thread:

You are correct, I really don’t care the about technical detail. All I want is a master switch NOT dimmer to update the hub in any means it chooses when the status is on or off. Only when that on or off action is performed from a slave.

According the, "ST compatibility list, I have this master (VRS15-1LZ):

Which is listed as ST compatible via the link in the thread you provided. I can assure you that in a 2-way situation it works just fine. In a 3-way or 4-way it surely does not.

Seeing the compatibility list is not accurate, or at a minimum should have an * that in a 3-way/4-way situation they are NOT compatible or won’t update the hub, where can I go for accurate information?

I know it’s very frustrating, I wish I had a good answer for you. The fact is, the devices should work differently than they are working. You should be able to press the auxiliary switch and get that status reported from the master. So it’s a Leviton issue. :rage:

As far as knowing whether a device does work to spec, about the only thing you can do is ask in the forums, being very specific about Brand and model, or try it yourself.