GE Z-Wave Switches and Dimmers not working right

Anyone else having problems with their GE switches and dimmers?

I can’t control my switches in the app and my dimmers are being unreliable.

Mine seem to work fine.

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i haven’t had any issues.

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The Z-Wave switch device type isn’t showing anything under “Current States” but if I change the devices to Z-Wave relays the switches work and I have an On/Off under “Current States.”

I’m having the same issues with my Leviton switches.When I try to operate the switch in the app they on/off indicator blinks and goes out again. My Z-wave sensors are still functioning and all the dimmers are working but the switches don’t. they have also disappeared from the apps and are no longer selectable devices when configuring apps. This includes all the wall flippers, outlets and plug in switches; but again, only the binary ones.

There’s another post about this problem.

I have 4 GE switches, and one just started not responding. (It stayed on all the time; it couldn’t be turned off from the Dashboard in the ST app, and it didn’t respond to the smartapp rules. Then I fell into the GE Switch hell of unplugging the thing without pressing the button.) At this point I’m trying to resolve the problem with the one switch, and I’m hoping that I don’t see troubles with my other 3 switches.

Ouch, I am having the same issues and more…it seems that the “updated” Android app is hosed, you may redirect your issues here! Automations worked but not the app. Is anyone seeing this on IOs?

Update from ST!

SmartApp Execution and Device Control - Incident Report for SmartThings under investigation

Same issues here. Just lost half of my switches

I entered a support ticket and just got an email stating the issue is being investigated. The status page has been updated to reflect these changes. For the time being changing the device types from Switches to Relays seems to help alleviate the issue.

I have have been slowly losing control of my switches and door locks over the last couple of months. I am on V1 and using iOS. Support suggests my Z-Wave chip my be hosed and is sending me a new unit

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Just got an e-mail back from support. I’m at work but I can use my camera to make sure stuff is turning on and off.

Looks like everything is working again.

Are you sure this is related to 2.0.7?

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I wasn’t sure, but it seemed related because the automations worked, but not the app.

One of my dimmers shows as on in the app but it’s really off; and I can’t control it.

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I have been on support for weeks about this. I just keep emailing and getting no real response or help. Honestly. I have both version. First one was way better. Better response and reliability. Seriously I am about to find a different controller for my set up. 80 devices in total and I can only use half of them. This stinks. Wish someone would fix this junk already.

I have two GE in-wall switches that have at various times become unresponsive. 1 dimmer, 1 on-off master of a 2-way switch.

First time, pulling the “air gap” switch on the switch fixed them. Second time, I had to delete them after removing them from the z-wave network, then re-add them. Third time, same thing.

Repair Z-Wave network never did anything.

All support could do was tell me how to do the above, and suggest that they’re too far from my V1 hub. (They’re not.)