Problem with Z-Wave Plus GE GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer

I have two Z-Wave Plus GE In-Wall Smart Dimmers (SKU 14294) in my house. One dimmer works correctly, but the second one was recently purchased and I am having problems controlling it fro my SmartThings Hub. When I turn off or on the light connected to the dimmer from the SmartThings App the light turns off or on successfully, but the app gets stuck at TURNINGOFF or TURNINGON and eventually shows a status of ON, even when the light is off.

The dimmer that is having a problem has a later version of firmware, “ver:5.26 zwv:4.34” than the dimmer that is working. The firmware of the dimmer that is working is “ver:5.08 zwv:4.05.”

If I reboot the SmartThings hub the new dimmer switch that does not work correctly works and then stops working after a short period of time.

I opened a ticket with SmartThings Support, but they stated they are unable to help me because the Z-Wave Plus GE dimmers are not currently supported. Has anyone else experienced this issue and any suggestions for fixing the issue other than trying to find switches with the older firmware?

Thank you.


I (and some others in this forum) have same problem with GE z-wave plus smart switch & dimmer.
Still waiting for this to be fixed before buying big quantity for my new house

I am new to SmartThings so I have not experienced an issue like this before. How long does Samsung usually take to fix issues like this? SmartThings support would not provide an ETA. Obviously this will become a bigger issue as more people start moving to the Z Wave Plus version of the switches and phase out the older version.


With GE switches, they either work or they don’t. Might not be a ST issue just a problem with the switch. See about exchanging it.I have at least 50 of them (dimmers,switches,fan controllers and aux)

I have about 30 of these and they all work. A few died and I had to replace them but otherwise no issues. I would say one out of two is higher failure rate than normal so try a replacement.

The issue here is about the Z-Wave Plus version. I suspect some of the above replies are about the Z-Wave Classics. The Plus versions are somewhat troublesome for now based on what I’ve read from others.

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Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed?
Do these switches work correctly?

I’ve not had issues with the 3 GE / Jasco Z-Wave Plus dimmers I have, but they are all relatively new so may be different firmware, etc from the older with issues.

Would be interesting to hear from folks who what issues in the past.

I just bought 2 of the Z-Wave Plus switches…no, the issue hasn’t been resolved.