Leviton DZPD3-2BW

I recently added this dimmer switch to my Smartthings network. It works fine, but the app never displays the correct status.

This is very annoying, and my concern is that when away I cannot get an accurate device status. I’ve tried changing the device type, but it has not been a reliable fix. Right now it’s set as a Z-wave device, and not the device type installed when the device was added.

Do I have a flakey device? All my other devices are ZigBee and work flawlessly. If it’s bad, I want to return it.

Ome more thing I just realized. If I push the button on the app, the status seems to be okay. If I use Alexa to turn it off or on, the status does not change. The Zigbee devices change status correctly.

Ideas please - thanks.

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I have had this same device w/ the Stock ST DTH for over 9 months with no issues. I would try repair in the associations first. If it still works the same, swap it out.

Thanks David.

I’m not surprised that it may be a device issue. I’ll check your recommendation.

Best regards,
Joe Viel