Experience using ZOOZ z-wave plus on/off toggle switch?

You’re right both times, there’s not much alternative to the GE scene controller and you do need to toggle the Zooz switches 3 times quickly to have them activated. We recommend toggling them up and down as quickly as you can multiple times until inclusion is confirmed. Let us know how it goes!

That was it. Toggled it three times and got it connected now. Thanks for the help.

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On the site it reads:
Works with most high-quality DIMMABLE LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs - minimum 20 Watts on load required

I was thinking about buying 6 of these, 4 dimmers and 2 switches, for my master bath. 2 lights will have 1 single LED 7 watt bulbs in them. Will this pose a problem? These will be on dimmers.

Tired of waking up in the night going to potty and have the light on full blast. Wanted to get a couple of Zooz 4 in 1 sensors to control lux levels.


If they’re single LED bulbs, it’s safer to go with a trailing-edge dimmer like the Qubino dimmer module:

You can still get 10% off on these when you enter QUBINO10 at check-out.
It’s very important to make sure that the LED’s are dimmable in the first place and that you have a neutral wire in the box.

If you use the Qubino, you’ll have to install it either behind an on/off switch (when dimming is controller from your SmartThings only and all you have is manual on/off control) or a push-button/momentary wall switch which will allow you to have full manual control of the dimming part as well.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Didn’t realize the Zen21 and 22 were the same price! Sweet!

Most of all my fixtures are on either GE Dimmers or Switches (30+ rocker style like the 21 and 22) but most light fixtures also have multiple bulbs. The Double Vanity will have 3 bulbs each but the other 2 lights (maybe 3), 2 Exhaust Fan/Light combos (separate switches) and the Shower light have single bulbs. Prefer not to have any dumb switches.

I actually need (2)ZSE40, (4)ZEN22 and (2)ZEN21. Any check-out codes available?!

Multiple reports in the forums that, perhaps because of one of the recent platform changes, Z wave plus devices are not updating their status in the SmartThings app, although they are working fine with all the automations.

Is anyone seeing this with the zooz switches? If not, what DTH are you using! Thanks!

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If you’ll have multiple bulbs on each circuit, it shouldn’t be a problem. We definitely don’t recommend using any of the switches to control exhaust fans, especially dimmers since they may malfunction when connected to motor loads.

The pricing on Zooz devices is already deeply discounted so there are no dedicated coupon codes for them but you can always review any of the product you own (that we sell) and get an additional discount on your next order:

Hi @JDRoberts, you should be able to see status updates with default device types for each of the switches. Are you having a problem with the status not being updated for the on/off, dimmer or both?

Each circuit? Meaning, from breaker box or circuit meaning one switch? Was going to use the regular ZEN21 relays for the bathroom exhaust fans. Then use the ZSE40 to first turn them off if no motion has been detected in 15 minutes and second, to turn them on if humidity hits a certain level.

Didn’t know you couldn’t use them for regular on/off switches for exhaust fans. What can you use?

Meaning one switch, sorry. So if you have one switch controlling a few LED bulbs, you’ll be OK.

Since a fan uses way more power at start-up than what it’s rated for, there’s always a risk that at some point it may damage the switch since they’re designed to be used with resistive loads.

Do you have a neutral in the box for the exhaust fan? How much is it rated for in hp, do you know?

Have neutrals in all my boxes and fan is rated at 100 watts. This is all the information I could find. Was thinking about installing some cans in series in the main bath section which would satisfy the load requirements. But in the toilet room, I would have to change the fan exhaust combo in order to get multiple bulbs. All of this would defeat the savings aspects. Dang. I might try it just for the hell of it.

100 Watts is only around 0.13 hp so you should be fine connecting the fan to ZEN21 is this rating is accurate. If you don’t have enough load on the single bulb, you may always just change the bulb for one with more Wattage on it (there are 15Watt LEDs out there) instead of adding more fixtures.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

So i just got a couple zooz toggle switches that can do the 3 way (Zen23 Ver 2.0). One of my lights actually has 4 switches to it, i found that at least 1 of them was a special “4” way switch, so i didn’t replace that, but replaced a normal 3 way switch. i’m now finding that if you turn the lights on and off from a “normal” switch, it cuts the power to the zooz switch. did i wire something wrong or do i need to pick a different switch to swap out?

Hi @Hoveys, remember you’ll need to rewire the existing 3-way switch according to the diagram as well. Please check the wiring in both boxes again and make sure you’ve wired BOTH switches according to the correct diagram. If you’re still having issues, please contact our support for help: https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us

Just set up my zen21, works, controllable from st app and correctly reflects its state, but no activity shows in its recent tab from turning it on/off, nor in st app activity feed or messages.

Screenshot shows everything since initial pairing and multiple on/off switching.



Also just checked IDE logs, and all that shows when I toggle the switch is:

debug Parse returned null

Here’s what it shows as a device


I had the same issue with my zen21. I think there may be something wrong with the Device Handler. I actually ended up just using the Device Handler for the zen23 and it’s worked without issue for the past few weeks.

Additionally, the device state would eventually not reflect correctly with the zen21 dth, even though it could be controlled by the ST app.

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Interesting…and thanks for sharing your experience! I’ll try the zen23 dh and report back, I really hope that solves it, I was so happy when I diescovered these switches that allowed me to use my existing ones as the other side of the three ways.

EDIT: Changed the dh to zen 23, activity is reporting properly now, unfortunately lost the ability to control the LED in the settings…pretty disappointing considering @TheSmartestHouse openly advertises compatibility with ST but seems it’s the bare minimum at best.

Yeah. I realized I forgot to mention the loss of LED control when using that handler. I never really had a use for it. I’m sure there’s a way to edit the dth to add it, but I never really had a need and I didn’t want to mess with a working device. Tagging the original dth author @doncaruana to see if he can help.

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Zooz switches don’t need a handler to correctly report status, they will work just fine out of the box like any other Z-Wave switches. The handler is there if you need to control your LED indicator (the only advanced setting really) and we’re currently looking into fixing the issues you guys mentioned. If we need to engage a different developer to create new handlers for ZEN21 and ZEN22, we will so stay tuned.