Problem with Amazon Echos after updating to the new SmartThings skill

Greetings all! I’m a new poster here and hope I got this in the right category. I hope this hasn’t been addressed elsewhere. I’ve looked around the forum and haven’t found anyone with the same problem I’m having.

After updating to the new SmartThings skill, my Alexa devices will no longer operate any devices connected to SmartThings, none of my existing devices show up in the Alexa app anymore, and it will not detect any SmartThings devices. I’ve disabled and reenabled the skill multiple times. The Alexa app says the SmartThings skill is enabled and the new SmartThings app says Amazon Alexa is connected to SmartThings when looking at my voice assistants.

I’m not sure what else to do to get things working again and would appreciate any insight or advice.

Hopefully I"ve done a good job of explaining things here. Ask any questions and I’ll do my best to describe things better.


You’ll want to read this: New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

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Thank you! After reading through much of that post, I came across the part about renaming devices and immediately naming them back. That did the trick.

Thanks again!