Smartthings and Alexa not working (Feb 2022)

I’m having problems with SmartThings/Alexa integration.

Symptom: 1st issue was the Alexa devices on Smartthings kept becoming unresponsive. I would unlink/relink Smartthings skill, and all Smartthings devices would work, but the next day they were unresponsive again. A disable/relink would fix, but same problem would return next day. This happened many times.

Days ago I did a disable/relink again and this time the devices stayed active, but a new problem emerged. On the Alexa Android phone app I can manually turn off and on all my Smartthings connected devices no problem, but when I attempt to use my voice to turn on or off all Smartthings connected devices on my Echo Dots, Alexa says “The skill linked with (device) is not enabled. Please enable the skill to control this device”. This makes no sense to me because the alexa app can control the devices no problem, just not my Echo Dots via voice.

I again several times unlinked/linked the Smarttings skill on the app to no success. I then logged into, and did a unlink/relink there. All Smartthings devices show up and work from the app still, but no voice control

Any help appreciated

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Hey Scott, I just had the same problem and fixed it myself. Hopefully, you have the same issue and will be back up and running very soon (if not already).
In the Alexa App, I went to More (lower right corner), selected Skills & Games, clicked the magnifying glass to search for “SmartThings”, clicked the one that was actually the SmartThings Skill (the search found over 2,500 matches but the actual ST Skill was first), and there was a message that my account link had expired. Entered my SmartThings credentials, asked if I wanted to allow Alexa access to which I said Yes (or OK or whatever) of course. Problem solved!!! You don’t even have to research for devices.
Hope this helps you (or anyone else who has this problem and finds this thread)!


This helped solved my problem. Thanks!

This helped me as well.

If your Android device will not get or take the latest Android update, the you wont be able to get the Alexa app.

Anyone else have any recommendations? Alexa and Smart Things have been terrible since linking them over 2 years ago. Alexa just doesn’t want to play nice with the TV and now won’t control any of it now. Frustrated.

I’m still having to relink the SmartThings Skill to my Amazon account, practically every day!