Connecting Smartthings and Alexa weird issue

So I can connect from alexa to smartthings and see it picks up virtual devices. I am in canada so i am trying to trigger rountines based on when i get home with virtual switches. It worked intially and then i got side tracked trying to install echo speaks which is currently broken when i went back to adding a 2nd virtual switch it was not longer being seen/discovered by Alexa. I uninstalled echo speaks completely and unlinked smart things . I noticed it re-adds physical devices but not virtual switches anymore. In the classic app under automation smartapps i see everything i have installed/ linked like IFTTT and webcore… In Smartthings new app on home screen when i click the + sign i don’t see any options for virtual assistant. i am not sure what to do… please help.

@RAptor1 see this thread

There is nothing you can do about it until it is fixed. Every so often it will start working then stop again.