Alexa - problems with Smartthings

I’ve been away for a few days during which time my SmartThings was upgraded to 17.12.

When I got back all I got from Alexa was “SmartThings isn’t responding”.

I removed SmartThings skill from Alexa and added back. The devices were all showing as offline.

I then removed the SmartThings skill from Alexa and forgot all devices. I’ve added SmartThings back but discovery of devices does not return any devices. When I ask Alexa to turn on a light I get “couldn’t find a devices named light in my account”.

SmartThings devices are working fine from the SmartThings app.

Any thoughts on how to get the devices back into Alexa again?

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Google home users are experiencing the same problem.

Thanks. Just had a notification to my phone as I was typing this telling me of a problem!

At least they are looking into it. It’s going to be mildly annoying in the morning when the kids try to turn things on with Alexa!

If you get tired of the built in (native) integration, you should check out Ask Alexa if you haven’t already. A LOT more integration to SmartThings than the built in skill…


And don’t forget about EchoSistant as well! Both of these are very powerful and add a new world to the Alexa experience.

Install both and really love your smarter home!


Same issue.

Has this issue been resolved? experiencing exactly the same problem