New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

I have removed Alexa completely from SmartThings and I still got the email. Go figure…

Made the jump to the new skill. Wasn’t as painful as some others experiences. Most of my routines are built around scenes so thankfully didn’t have to mess around too much.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping that I missed a post on a fix. I feel this is probably my only issue right now.

How defragmented can their new coding be if they can get their own toys to work again? Is it a security issue with Zigbee and Alexa ST skill?

Anyone know if there is a webpage/URL, created by a ST Alexa Skill developers, listing change logs and/or listing currently known bugs with ST Alexa skill, so we (or I) do not keep asking the same questions?

We know they are working on it.


I’m sorry, not to vent, but the fact that Alexa integration and this skill is still not working properly, after multiple weeks, is just completely unacceptable. I’ve understood all the other issues with the migration, need to only run platform/app for stability, updating orphaned DTH’s, what happened with Echo speaks. All of those things, while extremely frustrating, have reasonable and understandable explanations. But this Alexa integration, this has no justification to drag on for this long, and it needs to be fixed, NOW. The skill ratings continue to decline, we’re up to a 77% one star rating now. I highly encourage anyone using this skill to leave an appropriate rating on Amazon. I’d be happy to update mine once it is working properly.



Dear SmartThings,

Something I learned from years in business. Err on the side of communication. Give us updates even if it doesn’t say anything new.

I gave up trying to make ST work reliably and just have it operating a few zigbee devices. I went with Wink and everything worked great. I didn’t even mind that they started charging, then everything stopped working for a few days and I got reminded to expect a clueless smart home and hours scouring for forum guessworkarounds.

Disable new Alexa skill, wait an hour, re-enable. Delete duplicates. Wait an hour. Alexa still doesn’t work.

Here is a communication that you should understand: Buy a Hubitat, wait an hour, then throw your ST hub in the trash.


New user that just started the journey with SmartThings. I am struggling with SmartThings reporting to Alexa and initiating a command. The scenario is:

  1. Open a door with a SmartThings multipurpose sensor attached
  2. Alexa routine created to say, when the door (sensor) is open, “The kitchen door is open”

I installed the sensor, configured, built the routine in Alexa. However, when the door is open, it can take anywhere from 90 seconds to 15 minutes to trigger the response in Alexa. I have tried both “say” and “announcement” in Alexa using only an Echo Dot.

I read there is a work around with a Smart App but unfortunately I only have the new/current SmartThings app. The workaround calls for the Classic app. I tried a virtual switch but had same result. Is this a configuration issue. Alexa issue? Or a user issue?

Can someone please help me. If there is a solution and/or fix, please let me know and point me in the right direction. From what I have seen so far, I like this platform. But if there are major gaps with Alexa voice and SmartThings, I need to look elsewhere.

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This is a known issue with no fix right now.

SmartThings really needs to post this on the status page as degraded performance @Lars @JasonM


@Chris_Nowland , take a look at the voice monkey skill I posted about here Alexa Voicemonkey Skill

It’s a little clunky to setup, but may get you through this interim (hopefully VERY interim) problem. It will work with the new app, but you have to install Webcore, which is an advanced home automation program discussed here Webcore does work in the new app as well.


Thanks @mwav3. That may be digging a little deeper than my technical abilities. However, will take a look in to it and see if I can get it working.

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That’s a great idea. That will force visibility on an issue that is impacting many.

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It worked great up until April of this year when a new version of the smartthings/Alexa skill was introduced. Now it’s broken. :disappointed_relieved:

See above:

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)


The solution you forgot was to move on to a new platform. Smartthings is simply not working anymore. There were a number of years which saw smartthings as an excellent solution. On top of the other nonsense they’ve been up to at Samsung, a new, forced, Alexa integration which has now cluttered everyone’s Alexa ecosystem with a bunch of junk no one wants there is the cherry on top of the insult Samsung has been slapping users with.

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As you expected, this didn’t work, but I kept fiddling and discovered a procedure to get devices/scenes into the Alexa app:

  1. Rename a device or scene in the new app and save it.
  2. Immediately rename it back to the original name and save.
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes and it automatically populates to the Alexa app (Android). No discover devices necessary.

The first time I got it to work, I had renamed the hub location as step 0, and named it back as step 2.5. I’m not having to do that now, so I don’t know if that was necessary to prime it the first time to work now. I suspect not.


my smarthings / Alexa skill started working again this morning. im getting welcome home annoucements from my front door again . Nice to hear her voice again…


Lucky you! Is that a routine you’ve setup based on a sensor?

Mine started working this morning as well. I left one routine set up in Alexa app, to say “Motion detected on front porch” when my ST motion sensor detected motion, and this morning when my wife stepped out to water the pots out there, Alexa announced it.

So, I added another Alexa routine to announce the garage door has opened, and when I tripped the door sensor, that announcement also played.

Dare we assume someone fixed something somewhere? I don’t think I have had any new ST hub update this week, and am currently on v 000.0031.00004

Well now I need to go test my routines!

im using sensors on the doors to trigger routine. Im on 32.7 for firmware. i also added new routines with time to let me know garage door was left open for 10 minutes and that worked also

Until there is an official announcement, all we can assume is that they are working on it and you can expect to see erratic behavior (sometimes better, sometimes worse) until it is fixed.


Some mornings my routines work. Usually before 8 am. Not every morning, but some. Other than thar…nada. Gonna connect a Sonos One and see if I can’t get better results with Speaker Companion