Presence issues today?

Anyone having presence issues today. For the first time since I have installed SmartThings last year, I have a presence issue. It is not recognizing either me or my wife as home when we arrived together. I have a standing reminder on our iPhones that triggers when we arrive home. That went off without a hitch. So, I know that this is not an issue with our phones. See, even I can follow my own troubleshooting guide!!

Since we have never had issues before with this, I was checking to see if anyone else was having issues today who normally doesn’t have them.

Every" thing" is having issues since about an hour ago…

I see their status update, but it says it is only “scheduled” SmartApps. Are you having other issues outside of scheduled ones?

Sorry to say but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Having major issues with presence detection. It only shows me being present and my wife’s phone not even though she’s here right next to me.

Smart app messages are taking forever to move through whatever “Q” they move through, so anything more involved than device status, ain’t making it…

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@whitebred510 - did that just start happening today? Just trying to track down if this is a current issue since the Status page only says there is an issue with Scheduled SmartApps.

Same thing was happening last night…

Ah…I was in all day yesterday. Perhaps I should get out mode? :smile:

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I’m afraid to leave, god only knows what state the place won’t be in when I get back…

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@brianlees - It started acting up yesterday for me and now it’s progressively getting worse today.

My garage doors opened because it said I left and came back home a couple of hours ago

Ok. Hopefully this is on support’s radar today.

I’ve been having presence issues for a couple of weeks, but today is way worse than “normal” . My I’m Back app has not been firing, just when my phone was the returning presence. Today, it doesn’t fire for any returning presence.

Right now, all of ST is hosed to some extent.

They just closed the current status. So, obviously presence was not part of that status…at least I hope it wasn’t!

I emailed support and they said they are a bit short staffed so it will take about 36hrs for them to respond.

I emailed support to let them know this is SmartApp processing issues, not scheduling as they indicated. On with motion, on when door/contact open, Big Switch etc all failed or long delays. It occurred around 5:00 to 5:30 PM PST Saturday, left home, it occurred again 11:00 to 11:45 pm Saturday, and again around noon PST. I didn’t change presence during these windows, so can’t confirm it is exact same issue. But it appears to be all related since a presence change is probably handled similarly. Not SmartApp scheduling as reported on the Status page.

@brianlees Mobile presence triggered fine throughout the day including right now. iPhone 6.

I’m thinking about leaving home and returning to see if it triggers. Currently, the app says that both of us are not present. I do not know if ST will realize we are within the geofence or if it requires that we leave and return to trigger the event.

I think you have to leave and return. Did you log out and in again. I have seen that clear it once.

Logout and In did not update, unfortunately. Perhaps I need to se if the family needs me to make a food run of some sort! :smile:

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