Presence issues today?

Presence issues here, all day. ST still thinks there’s no one home. Of course, it’s the first day of DST. Software problems with DST is b-league stuff at this point…

Status update: Everything works normally now for me.

Mine was freaking out Saturday 3/7.

I thought I was being hacked…

Things seem to be working today. It recognized that my wife was home today and then when she left a little while ago.

Mine just started today, ST keeps thinking I’m leaving and coming home (using the sensor, not my phone at all) even though my keys have stayed on the bar right near the hub.

If “right near the hub” means “right near the WiFi router,” that can be a big problem for the presence sensor, which is zigbee.

I have one zigbee bulb that drops out all the time when it’s in the room with the WiFi router, but works fine one room away.

I see what you’re saying, but it hasn’t been an issue until today. ST also didn’t unlock earlier when I came home like it usually does 99% of the time.

I having problems today, ST didnt realize my girlfriend or I left the house today.

Make sure you don’t turn your WIFI off. That made a huge difference for me. I would turn it off to avoid streaming from my wifi as I was driving away in my car and the audio flaking out.

I’ve had presence issues since Monday when I updated my Nexus 5 to Android 5.1. My fiancee’s phone is still on Android 5.0 and has been working fine.

I emailed support on Tuesday night when I realized it, but haven’t heard back yet. Guessing they need to rebuild the app with the newest Android API level.

@jdurante I’m not sure if Tasker or AutoLocation have any trouble with Android 5.1 as my Nexus 5 hasn’t had the update pushed out yet, but if you are a tinkerer you can setup your own location provider by following these instructions:

@joshua_lyon thanks! I’m going to give that a try. Presence seemed to be a little wonky anyways, so if this is more accurate then that’s better anyways.

I had my 1st ever issue with presence today on a Galaxy 3. I’ve never had 1 hiccup previously but now I’ve lost all presence detection.

The only thing I can think that’s different is that I did factory rest my phone but I didn’t change anything…put it right back to where it was before.

I’m starting to see why the presence tags for key chains might be a good back up just in case.

Hey @joshua_lyon, I set up my phone with your app using the tutorial and it’s been working flawlessly all week.

Was also able to set up Google Voice Search with AutoVoice and SharpTools, so I can say “OK Google, Open the Garage Door” (for example).

Great job with the app, thanks again!


Follow up on this as I forgot to in case anyone finds this in a search.

The issue with presence was that within ST there was 2 instances of my phone. Apparently when resetting a phone it assigns a new I.D. Disassociating the smart apps from the 1st instance of my phone and linking to the new instance was the fix.

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@Drewbert34 What do you mean there were 2 instances of your phone? Did you literally see it listed twice under “things”?

I recently factory reset my phone and am also having this problem… but I only see one instance of my phone under “things.”

I started to try to remove my phone from smart things, but it told me I had to uninstall all of my associated smart apps first. :confused:

also, just to follow up.

my phone was only listed under “things” once, but i’m guessing there was an association with the old, orphaned device id as @Drewbert34 described.

so, i removed my phone from each of the smartapps it was associated with (you have to do this first in order to delete your phone as a presence device).

after that, i deleted my phone, re-added it, associated the smartapps to it, and everything is working perfectly again. kind of annoying just to update your device, but things are working well again.

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My apologies @broox for not responding.

Been having presence issues the past couple of days where my phone would be home but it still shows I’m away. I’ve tried troubleshooting steps but nothing is working.

Also today the wife’s phone is showing it’s at home when she’s clearly at work.

Today is the 1st time I’ve had presence issues since I don’t recall when.

ST never triggered Away mode…never showed me as leaving this morning.