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I found it for the same price in Brooklyn, NY and it let me ship to Tampa. Woohoo

118 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215?

I only get option for $75 truck delivery. :slight_smile:

Call me cheap, but I still can’t stomach paying that much per month for video clip access.

That’s the one…must not have lasted long…
Using the Renovo discount and free shipping, it was about $68 shipped!

My lowes is showing full price but has them in stock. Anyone able to share a order image that I could try and use for price match.

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Damn I forgot about the Renovo and I ordered 4!

How do I get free shipping? Lowes is showing truck delivery only at $175

You have to wait till they open up parcel shipping again

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Just to let you know, we’ve created a new “Deals” Category under Device + Integrations. Feel free to make separate threads on singular products. :slight_smile:

This way, it’d be easier to find more affordable devices for your home!

I feel like I read that’s what you guys wanted, based on some comments I scanned through. Let us know if this works for you! (in a meta page. or something.)


Getting page not found when I go to the category, I assume it just hasn’t populated yet?

I think a separate category is a great idea :thumbsup:

cookies. :), so yea. try a hard refresh. Otherwise, for now: https://community.smartthings.com/c/devices-integrations/deals

If you are near the Essex Junction, VT Lowes they have the Schlage Connect lock for 15.92. My local store never has these deals.


Wow!! If only you could do parcel I would buy like 5 or more wow!

@April what about a marketplace where people can sell some of their “extra” or slightly used stuff as well? Or can we post it under this new deals section?


Not even showing for in store pu, ( Son and DIL live up there ). At that price it’s worth it to save the page on your phone and get HD or BB to price match :grin:

Is there an easy way to check the stores price? Or is he only way changing the store each time?

You have to change the store each time to see what the prices are. I am working on a list of zip codes that are frequent heavy discounters. So far i got 10001 and 05452.

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