Lowe's prices by zip code

Lowe’s prices vary based on zip code so… how does one shop on Lowe’s and compare prices by zip code?

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@Tomforti I’m guessing you are asking the same thing here, at the same time. =)


Seems like luck. If no one had clicked the $199 Schlage lock we would have never seen the $60 price. When the Lightify stuff was marked down I clicked on the expansion strips for $17.98 and they cam up as $7. The hub was marked at a similar price but when you clicked on it the price was $6.50.

I ordered extra of the locks I can trade 1 with you for some of the lightify product if you have extra I missed that deal.

Has anyone taken their online order receipt, to a local store so they match that price? Will they? Id love to do that for the IRIS contact sensors that were 11.xx online.

Also, Id really like to try and get some of those lightify strips and hubs…if you have a receipt to share, @tommyincville

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I did that with a ton of Lowes stores during the heavy discounts on the older GE z-wave devices. In that case, it was seriously hit or miss. I probably went to 20+ stores around Southern California and only about 25% would price match or, at the least, drop the price a little. It’s generally up to the managers to discount items at each store, and how much to discount for. So while something may sell poorly at one store causing discounts of those items to move them out, another store they may sell well so there is no discount. As such, they may not price match depending on the discount… and even further sometimes it depends on what manager is working or even what employee is working at the time. I had one person say no to the discounts, then I came back a few days later and asked a different person who would price match. Having several receipts from local stores that will price match did help.


My lowes wont price match to anything online, or from another Lowes store. I tried that with the Iris sensors that I bought from the NY store, and the Keen vents (price from Keens website).

So, what did I do, ordered the vents from Amazon and more sensors from the NY store. Lowes is slowly losing my business.

I had this kind of issue with purchasing some Caseta dimmers - one store has them listed at $12, in stock, but can’t find them, so they send me to another store. The other store refused to price match, claiming that the other store’s pricing was for “old stock on its way out” (that was received less than a week ago), and it took them seeing it on the website with no indication as to clearance to finally go ahead with the match.

I suspect that I’m going to just go to Home Depot for a price match to that Lowe’s in the future - they’re literally a block away from each other.

They usually are.

I’ve noticed that Lowes prices change quick online too. What I do is order the exact item from Home Depot online (you can ship to store for pickup) and then send customer service an email with the order number and a screen shot to the Lowes price. Thus far have had no issues getting a price match refund.

I can’t figure Lowe’s out. The Chelsea NY store has had the Iris outdoor camera listed as reg. $89 on sale for $59. when you do a search for Iris camera. When you click on it and go the the info page it shows a price of $149. 149 when added to the cart also.

This morning I clicked on it and the info page had it for $59. Put it in the cart, still $59. Added a second one and the price for both changed to $149 each. ???

I was able to get one ordered for $49.60 after the $10 off coupon,

So it seems with Lowe’s you never know what the price is till final check out.

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I can only guess, but I notice it is out-of-stock at Chelsea right now. I wonder if there was 1 in stock this morning when you ordered.

Didn’t think of checking stock. I’m in Va. having someone pick it up for me. Plan was to get them to price match a few more. Drat’s, foiled again.

Try the tampermonkey extension script , which search Lowes prices in different stores
and list it

@Sukesh Isn’t this script dead? I thought it only returns nan?

I have the updated script and it is working fine.

Still not working for me. Do I need to change something?