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@RLDreams are you using a customer search of some sort to find these sites>?

Just this thread and no life LOL .
I have my routine of regularly checking BB,Staples, HD, Lowe’s, Amazon, BuyDig etc for their daily deals.


you are not alone :stuck_out_tongue:


Decent deal on the Aeon Labs stuff


@Arun_Nayar - where in the country are you? I have looked online everywhere for the Schlage Connect around that and the prices look similar across the board and much higher than that. I would love to find a couple for that price.

Like I said, around $20 for appliance module. Thanks for the confirmation.

You can make your own and it works great. Smart Sprinkler System

[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:1186, topic:34950, full:true”]
…What do I need to automate other than maybe suspending schedule when Bloomsky says it’s raining…[/quote]

I suggest thinking twice about having ANY automations based on BloomSky’s “It’s raining in…” notifications.
You can set it off by just touching the little brass dots with your finger.

Also, mine (and at least one other BloomSky that I know of) sometimes triggers when it gets dew on it in the morning.

Another false-positive was when it rained on one day, then, over night, the water that got on the BloomSky froze, and then, when the sun hit it the following day, that ice started melting, and it triggered the “It’s raining in…” notification too.

Neat. Too bad I didn’t see that a few years ago before I bought the HydraWise.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input. I haven’t gotten my hands on the BloomSky yet, so I don’t know how unreliable is. It would be a nice set up though. I think the system can handle the rain on its own, but if it doesn’t, there are other rain sensors on the market.

Mine arrived days ago.

I tell you it works great and some self gratification knowing that you made it. With open code you can make other changes such as make adjustment based on temp, wind…

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@Jimxenus What does that mean exactly? How would that be different then a ST plug?

Those that have plantlink did you have trouble pairing with ST? I can’t get mine to pair. It took several tries to even pair it to its hub. Anybody know of a trick that might help?

Hold the button for like 30 seconds to reset I think. I also used the plantlink direct device handler and it connected immediately.

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Power meter means that it can measure how much electricity is being used by the device that’s plugged in.

Had anyone used these with ST? Can they be used with ST? They are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I know the Bluetooth is useless, but they are pretty good and the price is not bad either.

Bluetooth is NOT useless if your in the group waiting the arrival of your Amazon Dot(s) and need BT speakers to pair with them.


Target has the Keurig 2.0 K200 in Turquoise color on clearance in some stores. I picked one yesterday for 26.38 + tax. Check yours some may still be available.

Found a Harmony Touch remote on Slickdeals for $76 shipped, debating on getting this and one of the refurb home control units off ebay for $77. Is this really a good deal though? Wondering if others thought the same. I know the remote will pair with the home hub the only difference between this and the Ultimate remote is accelerometer to turn on the screen and haptic feedback for buttons.