Need USB charger with slot on top

I have five garden spot extensions “in process” at Lowe’s. They finally sent me a “we would be willing to give up and give you your money back” e-mail. I politely declined and told them that I would wait. :smile:

haha I got 1 order delivered yesterday and 2 more pending, going to hold on until they deliver.

edit: I called them yesterday and the guy said they are backordered so hopefully they come through on this!

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Want to make a deal ? I got my 3 extensions, but the 2 main sets with the control unit are " in process" LOL

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Does anyone know where i can buy usb power adapter with plug on the side?

I got recessed outlet on the wall under where I am mounting smarttiles. I found one on amazon, but it has power on wrong side. I need it on the side like marked on picture below.


PS. Sorry for posting in wrong place, but everyone is always so helpful in this threat.

The actual Amazon Kindle power blocks have the USB port where you want it . You can find them on sites like A4C and the like for $5, but currently OOS

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THANK YOU!!! I was looking for like 2 hours and couldn’t find it.

@DaPanda here you go

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it helps when you know exactly what you’re looking for $4.75 shipped

$4,25 with USB cord

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Not the right place at all for this. But with that said, keep what you have and get this.