Need USB charger with slot on top

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I have five garden spot extensions “in process” at Lowe’s. They finally sent me a “we would be willing to give up and give you your money back” e-mail. I politely declined and told them that I would wait. :smile:

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haha I got 1 order delivered yesterday and 2 more pending, going to hold on until they deliver.

edit: I called them yesterday and the guy said they are backordered so hopefully they come through on this!

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Want to make a deal ? I got my 3 extensions, but the 2 main sets with the control unit are " in process" LOL

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Does anyone know where i can buy usb power adapter with plug on the side?

I got recessed outlet on the wall under where I am mounting smarttiles. I found one on amazon, but it has power on wrong side. I need it on the side like marked on picture below.


PS. Sorry for posting in wrong place, but everyone is always so helpful in this threat.

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The actual Amazon Kindle power blocks have the USB port where you want it . You can find them on sites like A4C and the like for $5, but currently OOS

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THANK YOU!!! I was looking for like 2 hours and couldn’t find it.

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@DaPanda here you go

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it helps when you know exactly what you’re looking for $4.75 shipped

$4,25 with USB cord

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Not the right place at all for this. But with that said, keep what you have and get this.