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It is a good deal considering how many items you get for that price.

That’s just over $15 each for the items.

Door and window sensors for that price is excellent, as is the motion sensor. Those small plug style sockets are typically expensive. The SmartThings branded one is over $50.

The button could be a good deal if you have a use for it. Otherwise, it might be a little underwhelming since it’s only 1 button and a minimote could do more for $20.

The $99.99 pack is a good deal since it drops it to $60 before tax for a motion sensor, 2 door sensors, and a keypad.

40% off just about anything, let alone HA gear is usually pretty ddarn good


It’s a good deal if you can use all the pieces. Typically $20 is a good deal for a sensor. Pocket sockets vary lot more you can sometimes find them for $20 but more typically a good deal would be $30. So it would be a good price just for the three sensors and the pocket socket. The button you may be able to use, or may not, but you’re basically getting it free anyway.

On the other hand, if you only need the sensors, then you could probably do better looking for sales on the individual pieces.

So essentially I’d say if you can use four of the devices, no matter which four, it’s a good deal. :sunglasses:

I wish the 40% off worked for a bunch of open/close sensors and not just the kits. Blah… At least Iris stuff works now for us and Lowe’s are everywhere! I usually get a gift card from cardpool when I’m making big purchases from Lowe’s, usually save about 8%.at least it’s something lol

FYI, Lowes gift cards from most sites like cardpool or cardcash don’t work online any. They’re technically “merchandise credit” and Lowes decided to stop accepting those online.

I’ve never had a problem from cardpool.

Are you looking for just the open/close sensors?

I went to my local Lowe’s tonight and showed them the online price out of New York for $13.98. They price matched it and gave me the 10% military on top of that. I got 6 of them tonight.for $13.97 after taxes… Yeah… I know… I only saved a penny and could have probably done a little better by shipping them here… but… I didn’t have to wait!!!

Lowe’s change their policy on gift cards about two or three weeks ago.

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@benjaminellison Great tip. Just received mine and they work great. Even pairs as the ST sensor, but they are half the price. Ordered a couple more this evening. :grin:

Also got approved! Should be fun!

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Applied, hopefully I’ll get approved too!

Thanks @JDRoberts - opener installed and operational!

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Ok ok. Think it’s time for a bloomsky thread to be made and to move onto the next deal!!


mine was in my spam folder

If you are Verizon Wireless customer, you can get some pretty good deals on items in their shop. For example, A Hue White & Color ambiance starter kit is normally $199.99. As a VZW customer, you can get it for $129.99. Chamberlain MyQ garage on sale for $84.49 (from $129.99). Hue white & Belkin Smart LED bulbs $9.74 (from $14.99). Hue white & color $38.99 (from $59.99).
These may not be the great ‘steals’ you guys have found on other items, but take a look at what they have available.
Go to: http://www.verizonwireless.com/smart-home/

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I’m not seeing those prices on Verizon’s site.

I would totally buy a couple more Color Hue Bulbs if they were $38.99… can you share how you were able to get those prices?

I am not seeing those prices on Verizon either. I have tried my consumer account and my business account.

I’m wondering if I get discounts since I’m an employee. I just assumed that as a VZW customer you’d see the same sale prices. Sometimes, I see “employee price” on certain items and figured that we only got deals on those individual items.
Sorry for the confusion.