First Alert Smoke Detector - Iris

What has changed with this device or Smart Home Monitor with v2? System used to trigger a full alarm when tested on v1, this was great to ensure everything worked as you want it to on an alarm (lights and notifications). Now when test is pressed on the device it only shows test on the device page and does not trigger any assigned lights or notifications.

The only way to ensure notifications, lights and door locks are triggered is to create an actual smoke situation, is this safe? Add the Test status back to the trigger, it was identified as a test in the notifications, so it was perfect, why the change?

@jimmay3 That’s lame that the behavior has changed. As an alternative you could try this:

I use it to test my smoke detectors.

Good catch. I just filed a ticket to fix that.

Let me know when we can test it…

I get push notification and text no email options.

There were a few questions asked in the Deals thread about these that maybe you guys could answer over here. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Was thinking we should split off to another topic, you beat me to it :smile:

@Boruguru assuming ST has an accurate read of the batteries, I have two that are >90% and I installed them last July.

Keep in mind these are battery only so batteries should be replaced before they get anywhere close to low. Most fire departments recommend you change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year, when daylight savings starts/ends.

All of these about 6 mo old…

Hello, where is this screenshot from?

Is that a built in app, or custom?

I would like to see a dashboard of all batteries!


Custom App, nice thing is it will notify (text/push) you when you reach a threshold you can set at two levels (low and med). I still like a more graphical view like SmartTiles offer, see pic below. You are right, ST SHM should have this built in, I should not have to pull each device up individually, they should all be on an easy to view screen with threshold notification. An integrated combination of these two built into SHM (Smart Home Monitor) would be the answer…

SmartTiles Screenshot

BatteryMonitor SmartApp for SmartThings
Copyright © 2014 Brandon Gordon (

Install Steps:

  1. Create new SmartApps at using the SmartApps at
  2. Install the newly created SmartApp in the SmartThings mobile application.
  3. Follow the prompts to configure.
  4. Tap Status to view battery level for all devices.


Thanks, installed it.

Feature suggestion, a button to select all battery devices during configuration

Great thanks I like this. I’ve installed and configured it. To access I go to samrtapps and select battery monitor right? or is there another way? I’m not seeing a status button.

Me neither, another drawback, but I think the thought is you should never check if you are automatically notified when a threshold is hit.

@notoriousbdg, some feedback above…

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OK good enough. Just thought I may have missed something. You’re are right, the point of the game is automation.

Yeah, so ST should take the lead and integrate this function into something like SHM which is supposed to automatically monitor the home, batteries should be added to the monitoring list…

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Does anybody knows what the report “alarm report 0D FF” means?
Or the first alert smoke detector has a manual about the alarm report value?
When I press TEST button long, I receive “alarm report 0C FF”, but I couldn’t know what this means.

What device type are you using? The Z-Wave Smoke Alarm device handler should be handling those properly.

How would I add “carbonMonoxide: clear” to the Current States section of my First Alert ZCOMBO?

Push the test button on the zcombo to trigger “test” for both, then when you press it again they should both go to “clear”.

Has anyone tried to read more data from the ZCOMBO?

I just noticed that on the product page on it mentions that it has “Peak level history shows previous levels of carbon monoxide to help emergency responders determine the best method of treatment”

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