Platform Update - Release Notes - 4/13/16

Platform Update - Release Notes - 4/13/16


  • Devices now sorted by last activity under “Hub” view (ascending)
  • Fixed broken account registration in IDE
  • Custom parent apps will now search for local (custom) child apps and reference those first by default
  • Fixed missing templates in “From Template” when creating a new SmartApp or Device Handler.
  • Added category filter to template list
  • Current presence timeout can be retrieved on the Hub Utilities page
  • Added ZigBee Unsecure/Secure Join status to Hub Utilities page


  • Added powerSource Capability
    • capability.powerSource
    • Attributes
      • powerSource
    • Values
      • unknown
      • mains
      • battery
      • dc

Reliability Focused Changes

  • Improved platform caching
  • Fixed nullPointerException on platform for devices that do not have a location
  • Fixed platform exceptions caused by events to multi-attribute tiles
  • Fixed errors when adding a new room in the mobile app
  • Fixed delayed device commands that were incorrectly being converted to seconds
  • Fixed null endpointId that was causing ZigBee failures
  • Added additional data aggregation to aid in platform reliability effort

We will be sharing more detailed information on the changes implemented around platform stability and Smart Home Monitor in a separate post.


Thank you, Tim! Appreciate the information…

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Hmm, I do appreciate the update. However, shouldn’t the title of this thread be “IDE Update” since we are expecting platform updates in a separate thread?

These are platform updates. IDE is one section. There is one dedicated to specific platform reliability efforts.

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IDE updates are 1/3, the other two are platform updates. Give them some credit, it’s a start…more details to come…

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I’m sorry, I did give them some credit. My intention was not to be rude or anything and I did say I appreciate the update. I guess I was just expecting more information about the platform stability and SHM but I can certainly wait for that separate post.

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Is it possible that the more aggressive caching broke something with regards to device handlers using htmlTile?

Responded in that thread so we can keep conversation neat.

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@slagle, I assume these were incremental updates over a period of time, not all deployed tonight, is that correct? I noticed that my devices are slow to react tonight.

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I have noticed the iOS app is really, but really slow…

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Little of both.


Would rebooting make any difference? Everything I run should be local.


My lights seem to be running fine and quickly. (Sample size one)

Checking other sources now

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I only use the presence sensors part of SHM. I haven’t had any major problems, just some zigbee devices dying, rules losing state, missed mode change…

What should I be looking for now that the updates are rolling out? Besides the obvious IDE changes.


I think you are looking for the update mentioned at the end of the OP.

The IDE is so much faster now.

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I agree, the “My Smart Apps” and “My Device Handlers” pages still take a minute or so to load the first time you load them after a new login but I suspect this is because it is doing a check against your GitHub repos to see if there are changes so it can set the colors accordingly. The “My Devices” page definitely loads faster and doesn’t re-sort itself after a few seconds like it used to do.

Is this what’s been causing problems with the Cree bulbs?

Is there a fix coming for the problem created from last IOS update for multi attribute tiles that don’t show certain data such as Power Outlet not showing watts and the Home Energy Monitor not showing watts on top green tile? Also if I change to secure mode what are the odds I will have to reset all my zigbee devices?