Platform Update - Release Notes - 02/26/2015

We recently released another platform update!

This release includes general performance improvements to alleviate system stress that has contributed to scheduling delays, sunrise/sunset issues, and general slow-down during peak hours. We remain committed to making further performance improvements in this area, and will communicate them as we do so.

This update was released yesterday, February 26. The delay in these notes is in part so that we could gather some initial data around our targeted improvements before sharing them.

Platform Update - Release Notes February 26, 2015

General Platform Updates:

  • Device create/edit IDE page improvements
  • Sunrise/Sunset handling improvements
  • Scheduling performance improvements
  • In case of duplicate input names, IDE now displays which name was duplicated

Developer Updates:

  • calls to unschedule() will be generally faster. Calling unschedule() will be less likely to cause SmartApp execution timeouts.

Documentation Updates:

  • Expanded documentation on passing parameters via the href input element.
  • Added an example for passing parameters to dynamic pages using href.

Thanks for the updates! Maybe I’ll try sunrise/sunset again.

My sunrise went off without a hitch #samplesizeofone!


Thanks for the documentation on passing parameters via href!

The difference between current behavior of href and that seen a month ago raises the issue of interface changes. Documented or not, people were using the previous parameter passing mechanism and received no notice that it was changing. It would be great if documentation updates were tied to related feature releases; and in the case of changes, some sort of breaking-change notification prior to the release so devs can prepare.


Strongly agree.

Deprecated ways of doing stuff should be supported for a few overlapping releases if at all possible, in order to give developers ample opportunity to update and test their code.


Scheduled sunset with offset worked via hello home… But of course some hues got missed… :wink: at least it triggered. :wink:

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Hmm, all my zigbee devices went offline and would not function until a hub reboot. Related?

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@pstuart not sure… Coz as soon as I heard there was a major platform update… Asked missus to pull the plug on the hub and reinsert it back after a few minutes. Missus loves doing that… At least that’s one thing she is comfortable with ST and learnt. :wink:

I’ll have to reenable sunset tasks and see how things progress. I’ve had to trick the others in the house that everything was OK via hard schedules.

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My two zigbee devices (GE Link bulbs) seem to be working just fine… I haven’t restarted my hub for over a week!

That happened to me 10 days or so ago. And it took a lot more work than a hub reboot to fix. No problems today that I can see.

If sunset is fixed (or thought to be fixed), an update on the Status page might not go amiss. :smile:

As such from regular users perspective, I don’t see much of a difference except that the sunset trigerred. But then my sunset was missed only once day before yesterday and has been solid for months as far as trigerring is concerned (not the actions it is supposed to do though).

All of my Linear Dimmers now show the wrong state… Did this update break something with sending the correct state of these Dimmers?

It isn’t.

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Hmm. Sunrise worked for me this morning. I also see it listed in the log for the first time in a while.

Did you reboot your hub? I did the last night before I went to bed.

What is the problem with sunrise/sunset? I’ve been using it for over a year to control my outside lights with only a hand full of failures in that time.

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ST says it’s a capacity issue when all of a time zone’s hubs try to fire events at the exact same time. Lately, though, there’s another issue that they have found and still don’t have a fix for that’s preventing some sunrise/sunset actions from firing.

My sunset fired without a hitch tonight. So, I seem to be completely working again. Now onto the next project! :smile:


My SmartApps dependent upon sunrsise/sunset settings have been working again for a few days. Ding, dong the glitch is dead! :smile: