Platform Update - HotFix - 10/30


  • Fix scheduling issues where Dates were being set in the past/future

Is this fix supposed to correct all of the runin issues? Because I still have lights triggered by motion that get stuck. Not in the past like the days before, but not rescheduled correctly either.

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They should reschedule properly going forward. You may need to re-initialize your app.

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Tim, thanks for all your efforts man, you are really holding the barricades well. So far so good here. I was able to kick off all of my motion activated lights. I keep my fingers crossed that you guys killed poltergeist.


Thanks Tim / your team.

Just a friendly piece of advice - I really believe that the tone of user comments when these things happen are, in large part, due to ST’s silence. It infuriates people. It’s crisis management 101.

A simple acknowledgement like:

“Hey guys - we are dealing with [a backend issue] right now. We apologize for any issues that may occur with [timed events] until it’s resolved.”

would make a lot of people feel a whole lot better. It would also raise people’s confidence in the system (and the company as a whole).

A majority of ST’s customer base almost certainly has years of experience with IT / gadget problems. we understand that nobody’s perfect - not Apple, not Google, not Amazon, not Microsoft - and we accept that fact. But we accept it much more readily when the company in question provides It’s customers with rapid crisis management.

Dealing with these types of messages probably doesn’t fall within your job description, but I believe that you understand what I’m talking about, and I know that the ST community respects you. Just hoping that you can pass this sentiment on to someone who can change how ST deals with problems in future.


Thanks! I definitely try to be as open with you guys and gals as possible. Sometimes it just comes down to me not having any new information to share.

Thank you! We’re like a big family I respect and appreciate each and every one of you as well!:smile:


Tim - what I’m suggesting is not that you guys need to work on providing us with quicker solutions / the “answer” / or even “new info.” I’m suggesting that you guys work on providing basic crisis management - e.g., “Problem acknowledged. And our team is working furiously as we speak to resolve it. Thanks for letting us know and your patience.”

Instead of Frustrated with ST v1 & schedule(). Not working, no word from support


My motion-based rules have been garbage as of late. Nothing’s changed on my side, but I’m not getting motion to report correctly, and then delays in lights on processing.

I know, there is some kind of conflict between local and cloud processing. Support killed my local processing altogether and everything is back to normal for me. You may try to change the device type of your motion sensors to non-local type. Or chase support on chat to do it for you (oops… I meant …open a ticket at

Not surprised there’s an issue that I have to solve. Again. You will appreciate my post:

Leaving Smart Things

You have it right. At this point with all the known issues, we need a better mechanism to get timely acknowledgement of known issues and daily updates on progress toward fixing. I appreciate everything Tim and the community has done, but there have been way too many issues of late.

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I did appreciate your post, it portraits the sentiments that many share. ST is the BEST platform invented to date…when it works as advertised.

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I’m a Vera Edge user, and just placed an order for ST 2.0 (which is backordered/not shipping) Totally understand that no product especially a .0 release is perfect.

I’m in IT, and have been for over 25 years. I’ve done hardware and software development. I feel your pain on the 2.x release.

Is there a way to get a “known issues” list with the 2.x software? With the projected time lines.

Doesn’t have to be something robust, just list the known issues, and list the priority that they are being worked on, and a best guess as to the LoE/Timeline…

Vera Edge is pretty nice, but I’m getting tired of what is increasingly feels more like a RPi experiment or Linux Project, and looking to move more towards Tested and Worked, vs WorkAround and Hack.

Incidently, what drove me to ST, was the Amazon Echo. I could buy a new RPi, and program it to work with Echo, and spend $70… or I could just buy a new controller for a little more and not start a new project… :smile:


What you requested would be perfect. That way we can also stop submitting more tickets and bogging down the support team.

SmartThings will never do this. I asked for it since day 1… Well, not day 1, since I didn’t expect so many issues, but for a very long time, repeatedly. I eventually learned it’s not a realistic request and have explained often why it’s not a good idea. I wonder what search term would find it…

Here’s a couple contrasting ones…

Meanwhile, the Community again has stepped up a just started its own…

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Wow, ok. Maybe I’ll cancel my ST order then, and just get do the RPi work to get Echo and Vera Edge talking. While nothing is perfect, at least I can say Vera Tech support does answer questions, and they do tell you about bugs, and they do take phone calls, and they will log into the system and figure out whats not working and why…

Sigh, I thought ST might be a simpler answer, but it doesn’t seem to be. Thanks guys. Maybe I’ll keep the ST, and do a primary/secondary controller integration. Wink is out of business (or rather Quirky is) so it seems like the best of both worlds may both together.

Guys, help, yilkes is ST v2 just broken? The list of what I can’t do and the lack of support for asking… well wow is staggering. I admit nothing is perfect, but wow, this isn’t perfect, its broke.