Time based events failing?

One says GMT +08:00, the other says UTC. Those time zones should be 8 hours apart from each other.

Well, even if the script worked to fix the scheduler, I’m still going to be hosed tomorrow morning. Now that people have started arriving home, I see that the system is stuck in Away mode. Toggling it manually or automatically via “I’m Back!” has no effect, and neither does taking the hub offline and rebooting.

Before celebrating “the fix,” verify that your mode changes work.

That’s kind of weird. My wife was at work and I have been in and out of house several times with modes triggering fine from Home to Away and the reverse.

I was able to “unstick” it by changing the mode set by “I’m Back!” and then manually running it. But I had to do it several times… not sure I trust it. We’ll see.

Well its sunset in Cleveland Ohio and the system is failed again. Lights came on in two room but failed to come on outside.

This system is worthless. Everyday you have to baby sit it to see if it is going to do what it is suppose to. The worse thing there is no fix. I keep reading that all these people are redoing everything over and over and it still fails.

What is wrong with this company? It is super low tech and they are screwing it up.

To add to this.

Not only did we identify the issue and push a fix. We have put some checks in place to…

  1. Help us track this if it happens again.
  2. Self heal should this happen again.

We learned a lot with this one and we thank you for your patience.

Side Note:
Please keep us posted to any other scheduler weirdness you see. We are confident this will resolve a lot, if not all, of the scheduler problems but there may be some rare edge cases. Please let me know if you see something like this.


Glad to see some movement here, this has been a problem since day 1 for me with SmartThings.

Should all my time based events start working again - or do I have to re-save everything?

Currently, I have 0 time based events firing, and it’s disappointing.


We are looking at our options to heal this on the server side but for now if you open the SmartApp and hit “Done” it will reschedule it for you.

failed again… Just took this screen cap

Thank you, Tim. I know that I have been a vocal critic, but it was never intended to shoot the messenger. I appreciate you circling back with the “lessons learned,” and your no-bs updates along the way. Most problems seem to happen overnight, so I won’t likely know until tomorrow AM if it’s fixed for us. As long as Support doesn’t pre-emptively close tickets, I’ll be completely satisfied. I will definitely provide an update to Support tomorrow, whether it’s fixed or not.

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So, it’s an existing schedule. Did you go into the smartapp and hit ‘Done’?

So as not to freak others look what happened to my Halloween lights via smart lighting. How many off commands were sent. well, that was yesterday. Today is a new day! I am sure the fix will take care of this. Quite possible that I set it incorrectly. I typically don’t use smart lighting for these kind of actions. Will switch it to routine if it happens tonight.

I’ll try this. Sure hope I found all my scheduled stuff.

Also, according to Live Logging, for the “built in” schedule items, I had to drill 2 levels down before live logging showed it scheduled.

My outdoor lights didn’t come on… again. Going to hit “Done” and see if it fixes it… again. So far, my scheduled routines seem to be working. (long) Sigh…

Here ya go :smile:

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It might be a few weeks before he needs that…

Now that I’m away from the stress of the work week, I can be an optimist.

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Mine has been randomly choosing night and home and all sorts of modes for 10 days. It’ll do night, then good morning 30 minutes later, and then good night again 45 minutes after that. It’s silly.

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darn… V1 HUB - sunset just failed on me.

My routines are running strong since midday. Hee, that’s only one event (sunset) I think, but I’m being optimistic. Tomorrow will tell. I have my IFTTT backups set too, but I can tell the difference when the backup is needed.