Platform running slow

Has anyone noticed that the ST platform is running slow today? I’ve setup a good night to execute at 11:30pm everyday. Today it ran 22 minutes later at 11:52.

@bflorian, @Ben - is there some way to check the performance of the platform? 22 minutes is a long delay.

Looking at the queues didn’t show anything strange. Are you still seeing slowness?

I’be had the same thing happen for the last 2 nights

Me too - I have had mode changes and timers not firing for a couple of days. Not sure if they are slow or just not happening as I am impatient and do it manually! Still waiting for my 45 mins after Sunrise mode change to fire, its about 15 mins late so far, I’ll see if it fires at all.

My goodnight ran 5 min late 2 days ago.

I had some lights scheduled to turn off at 10:30 PM CST, and the actual times were highly variable, from a few minutes late up to an hour or more late. As a short-term workaround, I tried changing the scheduled time to 10:32 PM CST, and I’ve found the variability to drop significantly (usually within a few minutes of the expected time). The theory is that a ‘log-jam’ (highly technical term) may be occurring at popular times. I’m hoping the continued migration of the platform will ultimately resolve this issue and allow me to not resort to timing workarounds for scheduled events.

@cdallum what do you mean by "continued migration " I thought it was complete. Am I missing something, am seriously looking at options for local ways to run the apps or use some 3rd party service like IFTTT. For me I run a security system off this platform and it’s darn important to have the platform perform predictably which unfortunately I’m seeing in various ways such as code not executing reliably or such timing issue as red flags :frowning: I don’t know what to make of it.

On 11/14 I had submitted a support ticket regarding the variability of scheduled events. The response I received was this:

“Thanks for reaching out. I am not sure if you are aware, but we recently performed a server migration to help manage our increased user base. The major push was performed but we are still moving components over to the new back-end platform. I do not have a timeline at the moment, but this issue should be resolved soon as we finish the migration.”

I also saw this announcement today Changes to Data Persistence for Events in SmartThings. I’m not sure if it’s related to the timing variability, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Thought it was just me. Having slow mode changes for about 2 days now. Got frustrated and did it manually. I should have asked …

Lots of slowness and SmartApps not executing the last two days, as well.

Have you guys pinpointed times you are seeing this? Is it the same every day? I know there are certain times where our platform gets hammered the most. Would be interesting to see if they align.

Mine was 11/25/14 at 11:30pm EST running 22 minutes late

@Ben if you don’t mind me asking does ST have it’s own scalable cloud for it’s platform (or just a bunch of servers running in a DC). If not I’m sure you guys would have considered using Amazon’s highly scalable platform, even Netflix uses it :smile:

We are fully on AWS. Most of the bottlenecks are no longer because of Amazon services (though a few still are)

I saw some slowness last night around sunset (45 mins before for a hello home and at sunset for a timer to turn a light on outside). Also, this morning I had a delayed hello home 45 mins after sunset.

However, this evening everything behaved as expected.

I noticed slowness around 9 or 10 pm PT, last night. My SmartApps scheduled for sunrise (around 7 am PT) did not execute this morning.

Things were a little sluggish last night for as well. My evening events that were supposed to fire at 11:30 did not fire, and the mobile app was slow to reflect the states of my things. It would take up to a minute for the app to show a light was off.

Since the last hub update a couple of days ago my multi-sensors are no longer working (or able to be discovered). I’ve checked the batteries and all looks well on that front. The last reports from my sensor was Nov. 20.

I’ve also noticed that the app will often say “There was an error loading your Dashboard.”

Is anyone else seeing this?

I’ve had the app give a connection error twice tonight. I’ve had some sluggishness too the past few days. My multi-sensors are all reporting, though. I’ve just had random lights not go off when I used the switches under Lights & Switches.

Tonight the 11:30 good night ran at 12:05. 35 minutes late. Looks like it’s getting worse.