ST not working at all for time for me

This is getting ridiculous for me, busy emailing support back and forward but taking days in between replies…

Basically I had problems with time seeing of anything, routine to run at x time etc. So eventually the inevitable from support “we’d like to completely reset your hub and start again” a right pain as loses all things, some which are mounted etc to re-pair.

So I do, and lo and behold it’s still no good. If I pick a standard inbuilt routine on my iPhone ST app, even the the dial it’s changed to pm, it won’t change the time to pm, and stays at am, even after pressing done.

What is going on here. At the moment it’s worthless too me, and really really frustrating… anyone else hand this problem?

There are many threads in the forums regarding issues with scheduling and SmartThings. Just check the forum category called “general discussion” and you’ll find several.

The company is well aware of the problem, and just recently the CEO posted in the forums that they Will be replacing the scheduler entirely and expect the new one to be in beta testing in a few weeks. No timeline yet for general release.

So it’s not just me then. It seems such a simple thing to get right though from the start. It’s changed from when the hub was reset though to, it used to change but still not fire at the am.

So even the CEO knows, wish he would tell his employees then, I quote the below from ST support email as in the statement not been reported before…

I am sorry that you are still running into difficulties. The next step is to escalate your problem to an engineer, before I do so, can you please send across some screen shots that highlight your problem. This will make problem solving a lot easier, as it is an issue that has not been reported before.

Sorry, just realized you were talking about a specific problem on a specific screen with the time not saving. I haven’t seen that particular one talked about before. It might be a problem with the new update.

I was just referring to the general issue of events not running when they were scheduled to run.