App Running Slow

Anyone else having trouble with the app? I keep getting the spinning wheel and having to force close.

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Yes seeing it as well and a smart light routine did not fire tonight either. Had been like a solid week for me without issues guess I was due :disappointed:

No good! Was hoping it was getting better.

Yes, it’s been very slow for me as well… Sounds like you have it worse though. I don’t have to force quit, just have to sit and wait, and wait, then wait a little bit more… :pensive:

Couple of things. I suspect Samsung is having growing pains with all the stuff they sold over Christmas. And they are not scaling well with the volume.

It’s a problem that I don’t know how they are going to handle. We give the $100 and they give us a network forever. Great for us, not for them. And not for us when the service goes bad. I’ve written about this in this forum before.

However, I did notice one thing. On some screens (especially the smart lighting app) if you tap the screen twice, certain menu choices pop right up. Like when you select what you want to use to trigger a light, tapping the button to being that pick list up once often hangs for several seconds. Tapping it twice in quick succession, I’ve not had it not pop right up after the second tap.


I’m having problems with the rooms loading and not updating status of lights etc…app really running slow

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Lights turn on fast enough. Turning off takes forever. Forget about using “Flasher”.

I am having the same issue, the app running extremely low. And some of my smart light routine not firing

This is a thread that is a year old… but I agree with idioffo89. I have today seen device states fail to alert (door open), mobile presence showing inconsistencies for present/away, mobile app extremely slow to load a device’s page or to show recent activity.


Same here, i have noticed the app started running slow or not firing routine since yesterday. i thought it was just me, but apparently it might be issues with smartthings

I’m in the same boat. My “Goodbye!” routine didn’t fire yesterday when my wife left the house, so I armed SHM manually through the app. When she got home, the “I’m back!” routine didn’t fire, so she set off the alarm when she walked inside.

The “Goodbye!” routine didn’t fire again this morning, so I guess I’ll just leave SHM disarmed for now.

Same for me here. But not consistently failing for me. My smartApps are running, but the SmartLighting components are behaving strangely. Sunrise/sunset seems to be one of the issues, but again, that’s not consistently a problem, enough that I can pinpoint it as an issue. It seems like there is a current issue going on with some users experiencing SmartApp degraded performance. Does that have to do with some cloud services related to things like SmartLighting?

Here’s the platform status page for those that have not found it already:

LOL leave it to @eagle1 to find a thread that is 1 year old :slight_smile:

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Too funny.

Thinking he doesn’t have eagle eyes. He might think the year is 2017 :grin: