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Someone is having problems to connect to IDE today?

My Classic App is the same, today asked for my e-mail address, when I type it and click on continue, show a message: Sorry! Something went wrong!


Same here. Can’t log in to either one. In north America.

Me too. None of my lights or automations work as well as the app and IDE.

Email/call support. Looks like ST is having a problem today. Both mobile apps dead too.

Issues with device control, loading locations, automations, and platform API’sSubscribe

Investigating - Some users in the Americas may be experiencing issues loading locations via the new and Classic SmartThings apps as well as the web interface. Some users may also experience issues or delays in controlling devices, creating automations, and device health status updates. We are investigating and will provide updates as they are available.
Feb 5, 07:26 EST

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