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Today is my daughter’s birthday and I need to turn off some automations but can’t log into the Classic App. Just get a blank screen after multiple restarts of my iPhone.

Can’t figure out what’s turning off the lights in the New App.

Yeesh. Out of all the days!

Nothing reported on the Status Page:

Something is wrong. In the classica app, I get as far as entering Email then Continue. At this point I get an error message “Something went wrong…” The new app is logged in but all my devices are offline. I have rebooted the hub but that didnt help.

BTW: Cant log in to the IDE either. After signing in it simply loops back to the “Sign In” page

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Same for me too. :disappointed_relieved:

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This for me as well

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Same for me as well. Happened around 6:45am. I opened a support ticket.


Same here, get something went wrong logging in, cant login on IDE, get an error code,

  • Reference ID: 23651097-2af0-42e9-b803-b28969b43482
  • Error Time: 2020/02/05 12:05:10
    and Goggle Home can’t connect to service.
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Same from this thread App Down? Can't Login

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Issues with device control, loading locations, automations, and platform API’sSubscribe

Investigating - Some users in the Americas may be experiencing issues loading locations via the new and Classic SmartThings apps as well as the web interface. Some users may also experience issues or delays in controlling devices, creating automations, and device health status updates. We are investigating and will provide updates as they are available.
Feb 5, 07:26 EST



Same here. I thought is was the Pixel 3a update this morning, but apparently not…

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Same issues here. Cannot even access light controls via Google Home.

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Please refer to the following thread.,.