Pixel 8 pro and Presense Detection

Is anyone else having issues with thier pixel 8 pro and location? I had a Pixel 6 Pro that worked flawlessly and would lock and unlock the front door everytime I left and came back. I can only get it to work once with my new phone now. If I leave, it will lock, but when I get back, it doesn’t unlock. I have to delete the device from the web, re-enable location on the phone, and re-add the routines. Same scenario but reversed once I make those changes - it won’t lock when I leave unless I delete and re-add.

Yes, it isn’t working. I think it’s Android 14 related, as my wife has a pixel 7 and hers isn’t working, either. There is another thread about this, too. I don’t know how to fix.

I know this isn’t very helpful but my Pixel 4a-5g has worked fine both before and after updating to Android 14.

Be sure you have reviewed all the settings for Location and battery optimization for the SmartThings app.

If you’re an Alexa user, you can do geo-location with the Alexa app and then trigger SmartThings devices or scenes.

Update: Well… having said that I just noticed that my routine for Away did not run this morning when I left. I went to the “get location from this phone” setting where I disabled and enabled it. That automatically disabled Routines using location so I had to reset those. That got the routine to trigger,

My son and I have been having the same problem with our Pixel 8 Pros. On both phones I turned off “get my location from this phone”, cleared cache and data from the SmartThings app and Maps app, uninstalled and reinstalled, set up both apps, routines, and location history again. I made sure they always have precise location permissions, do not pause app activity if unused, have unrestricted background usage and data usage, and unrestricted battery usage. After doing all of that presence will work for a day or two, then stop working again. I’ve gone through this multiple times on both of these phones.

Oddly, my wife’s Pixel 8 (non-pro) has been fine the last few weeks after I did the above to her phone once.

I have several other apps that use geolocation, and it works flawlessly on them. SmartThings is the only app that is having this problem. My security camera system updates status based on our geolocation for our phones perfectly. My Google Maps location sharing works flawlessly updating me when my son arrives/leaves from home/work/school/gym.

On the Pixel 6 Pros that my son and I had prior to getting the Pixel 8 Pros, we would routinely have this problem with presence not being detected, my son more so than I (I think it’s because you was playing so many games and background apps, so SmartThings was being kicked out of memory). Back then a simple reboot of the phone fixed that, but that’s not the case right now.


Well, they must have fixed something on the back-end because it’s been working correctly all day today. Or - am I just lucky?

I think you’re just lucky…no change on mine.

Still not working. To be honest - have been dealing with intermittent presence issues with 4 phones (all different btw). Have restarted my hub, checked all settings on each phone (power and location), recreated routines, redefined my home location…you name it. In the end…this has always been something that smarthings has issues with on and off and it is disappointing.

Wish we could use connecting to the Wi-Fi router like other home automation systems.

There is another topic discussing this issue that may help.

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Reliability hasn’t been great for ages but the latency - the time it takes to detect in or out of the geo circle - actually seemed to improve with Android 14.

If it doesn’t detect then opening Google Earth and clicking locate usually instantly updates the ST location and any routines run.

If this doesn’t fix then I assume it’s entered a broken state needing the Get Location setting to be toggled off and on (requiring visits to routines) - and, as its easy to do, move and restore the location pin.

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I have the same problem with the pixel 7 pro and pixel 8 pro. I have tried everything, on my cell phone and on smartthings and nothing makes it work correctly

So far, it’s been working for the past week. I deleted the device one last time from Samsung account, cleared data and cache on the app, signed back in, enabled location etc, and has been working since.

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It seems to stop working (needing the Get Location setting to be toggled off and on) after the phone restarts - e.g. after an update

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Its funny, because in the past if my phones (pixels and non pixels) stop updating their locations I would have to restart the phone(s) and it would work again. Now, if I restart a phone they will only work if I toggle the “Get Location” setting (and redo all my routines based on them).

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My household has three users: two using the Pixel 8 Pro and one using the Pixel 8. The problem is 100% the SmartThings app, because we have lots of other apps that use geofencing with our phones without problems. We have third party apps from other companies (eufy, wyze, etc) that enable and disable security cameras and features, as well as robot vacuums, etc., based on our phones’ location. Even the native Google Maps with location sharing enabled sends me timely notifications when each of us arrive and leave home, work, school, and the gym.

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If everyone has the Alexa app on their phones you can use an Alexa Routine along with a SmartThings virtual presence sensor for each.

Presence sensing on my Pixel 4s(5g) phone had been working ok until maybe a month ago then it went kaput. Been 100% since I changed to Alexa for geofencing.

Just in the past couple days, my wife’s (pixel 7) and my phone (pixel 8 pro) have BOTH started getting location updates/triggers. Very strange.

Alexa presence in routines isn’t available globally. Since the last phone restart behaviour has been more consistent lately, and the latency for a presence trigger after entering/leaving the geo zone does seem better with Android 14.

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Was told by samsung i could connect my Pixel 8 Pro to Samsung Smart Things find and would work like normal but it doesnt work at all the only reason i need Smart things find is because my mum travels for work and so i can track were she is if she ever has an accident or anything but Smart things find doesnt even connect she has a samsung device it works fine just doesn’t work on my phone pixel 8 pro

Same here - Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro both not working (android 14)

Still nothing fixed? Does no one use a pixel that works at Samsung or is everyone required to have a Galaxy?