Presence Detection - Pixel / Nougat?

I just setup smart things in the home in the last couple weeks and I also have a new Google pixel phone running Android 7.1 Nougat (bone stock).

I’m having a problem where smartthings frequently thinks my phone has left the home, sometimes even while it’s in my hand, then within a few minutes it thinks my phone has returned. This causes certain automations to trigger in smartthings the most problematic of which is A) setting the alarm while I’m still home resulting in intrusion events (and a loud siren I have setup) and B) when it thinks my phone has returned, it opens our garage door. The last couple times I tried putting my phone back into these routines we found the garage door had been open all night because smartthings thought I left and came back while I was sleeping.

I’ve verified my GPS is set to highest accuracy, I significantly widened the geofence area for my home and I’ve made sure to exclude smartthings from doze…same problem.

My wife’s iPhone 6 works flawlessly, not a single issue with this, so thinking it has to be phone related, maybe with nougat and it’s doze/sleep/battery optimizations?

Anyone else seeing the same and have a resolution?


I would double check other apps. You may have some weird GPS calculation bug or faulty hardware.

Try increasing the time to detect that you left. I think the default is 10 minutes (Goodbye Routine), so you will have to be “gone” for at least that long for it to trigger away.

I have disabled the ability to run I’m back in Night mode.

And finally contact support with your geofence log ( If it is Smartthings you want them to be able to troubleshoot it.

Good suggestions I never thought about, I’ve set them all, thanks!

go into settings, battery, click the 3 dots in upper right, battery optimization, where it says not optimized click it and change to all apps, scroll through till you see Smartthings and click it, change to Don’t optimize. I have the pixel XL and it works perfect now.

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Yea, I did that the other day. Didn’t seem to help, but I recalibrated GPS on the phone today and so far so good. Just strange that doing figure 8’s with your phone for a few minutes could be a resolution :-/

But, tonight will be the real test of it opens up the garage door in the middle of the night again.

My experience. My wife’s iPhone 6S works twice as often as my nexus 5x. That being said overall it just doesn’t work reliably for either of us. I’ve lost all expectations and just accept it as being unacceptable.

Hey everyone,

If you’re running into issues with your Pixel not working as a Mobile Presence sensor, first check the IDE and make sure the Mobile Presence Sensor has a presence state. If it doesn’t reach out to Support with your Android build number.

If it does show a presence state, do the typical trouble shooting: GPS High Accuracy, Doze turned off, SmartThings App has permissions to location, etc. If things are still acting weird, reach out to Support and let them know what steps you’ve taken and they’ll dig into it for you.

Sorry, what’s IDE?