Mobile Location is Delayed

Pretty sure this is an app issue. About a month ago my location based routine stopped working accurately. I.e. unlocking the door and turning on the porch light. Now it activates after ive been home for at least 30 minutes and at odd times during the night. I have both apps on my phone. I suspect that isn’t helping. I have a routine that locks the door back so I’m not really concerned about security. However, it drives my dogs nuts because the lock is so loud.

I’ve just been hesitant to uninstall the old app. Any thoughts?

Are you using an Android phone? Mine has started taking between 5 and 20 minutes to decide I’m home. I think it is either a problem with Google’s location services or the API used by the Smartthings app. When I notice that the presence sense hasn’t found me at home yet, the Google Maps Timeline also doesn’t know I’m home. They both seem to correct themselves at about the same time.

Yes its a Samsung S8.

Contact Samsung phone support and smartthings support is the best thing to do until the take responsibility for the problem. There are several threads on here with people having problems being slow or not working they all started with a security update on Samsung phones on dated 8-28-2018 so far nobody at Samsung will take responsibility for the problem so just keep hammering tech support until they get off there butt and fix the problem. This is about the best explanation I have found for the problems in Android Oreo

I feel like that time frame is about the time I started having issues as well. I just may reach out to Samsung in the next week or so. It’s very irritating.

I am not so sure to blame Samsung for this. We have iPhone XS, LG G7, Samsung S8 & a Pixel 2. All have been having issues for about 2 months.

Thank you for the info

Do you have the ST app battery optimized? That will kill it from running in the background and prevent location updates.

The newer ST app was battery optimized. I turned it off, but I won’t be able to test it until next week.

I’ve got an LG V20 and having similar issues.

My app is on the exclusion list for battery optimization.

I may just try moving to Life360. I was using an arrival sensor until the plastic clips holding the battery finally broke.

I have been having the same issue with my Galaxy S9. I’ve contacted Samsung twice and they have been less than helpful. Have you had any luck?