Pixel 2XL toggling present/not present even when I am in the same place

Please see the below screenshot from IDE. Any suggestions? Anyone else seeing this with their phone? I Have a Pixel 2 XL. My wife has a Pixel 2 that has no issues and my mother-in-law has a Pixel 3a that doesn’t have this issue.

The only things I can think of would be that potentially your geofence is too small and your phone’s location is right on the edge, or close. Also, what is you phone’s location services compared to the others (is your location method high, battery saving, or phone only)? Also, ensure any batter saving “stuff” that turns off/on ST or anything for location services isn’t impacting you.

I’ve been seeing this with my wife’s iPhone 7S Plus. Her presence is also tied to the locks and alarm so when it’s happens at night, the doors unlock and the alarm turns off.

This makes me understand even more why they are reserved with presence being able to unlock doors and turn off alarms.

I live in a pretty safe neighborhood but it’s still an issue.

Thanks John!

The size of my home area came to mind so I expanded it but have yet to test it (by exiting and re-entering the geofence). Battery optimization is off for the smartthings app.

One thing I thought of after my post was I have both the smartthings classic and new smartthings app installed on my phone. I have since uninstalled the classic app in case they were conflicting with each other somehow. I’ll update once I have more information.

Exactly! My garage door opened as if I was just entering the geofence as I was about to go to bed. Thankfully I was awake otherwise my garage door would have been open all night.

When it says your phone is not present, what location does your phone show if you open up Google maps (or the map app of your choice)?

If I arrive home and my presence doesn’t update right away, just opening Google maps is enough to make my phone check its location, which then gets carried over to SmartThings.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t check at that very moment. If it happens again I certainly will. I like the opening the Maps idea if it is delayed for whatever reason…

Did you remember to delete your presence device from Classic before uninstalling it? I’m betting you did since the screenshot from your first post implies you’ve already looked in the IDE and probably didn’t see 2 mobile presence devices for your phone.

Correct, I did. Thanks for the reminder though ;).

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Yep. It seems the Pixel 2XL and ST native presence don’t get along well. I gave up and went with Life360. That is reporting presence reliably. Even though my wife’s Pixel seems to be more reliably reporting to ST, I want to move her over as well (and get the teen on it for ST presence plus other family benefits).

Related to this. I am chasing issues but I can’t find where they moved the geofence to in the new app?
Or is it even user adjustable like the Classic app?

I have safe guards in place for that. Put a motion in the garage and of motion has not changed in x amount of time then close garage.

Cheap fix for a major security issue.

It’s there! From the main dashboard, tap on the 3 vertical dots next to the “+”, then tap on Manage Location. You’ll see Geolocation there.

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Ha, Thanks. I new I saw it somewhere but I didn’t actually touch the home address to open the map!

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I’m having the same experience with my Pixel 2 XL. It usually updates correctly when I return home, but frequently it will say I left again a minute or two after arriving. For some reason that causes the alarm to be armed immediately even though I have it set for a 5 minute delay. This has resulted in many false alarms. Very frustrating.

I tried life 360 but it was giving me major delays when entering the geofence. Glad it’s working for you.

Alright so here’s an update. After deleting the Smartthings classic app and expanding the geofence perimeter it doesn’t appear to be exhibiting the same behavior. I’ll update if anything changes. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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I’m still on the fence as the delay is too great - leave my wifi on all the time so the network sees me arrive or make my geofence stupidly big to give it more time to react. Currently I have it set at 1 block so if I drive by down the raod the house doesnt open. I live 7 houses from a road I travel on frequently during the day.
I’m constantly running the I’m Back routine manually as it’s taking minutes for me to arrive.
I run a vurtual presence and have an ST sensor in my vehicle as well. These 2 items were bonded but there have been amy times when I leave with the wife and the truck stays home. In these cases the house thinks I’m still there so the Goodbye routine dosn’t fire.