Phone mobile presence

Did anyone try creating new mobile presence in the new app lately?
I just tried it but device type is placeholder and no network id is created.

Sent email to support. Any suggestions?


You’re lucky to have a new child (device :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:)
I don’t have it.
Thing is that it worked yesterday when I created mine. Then out of nowhere my wife’s phone got 3 locations. I deleted 2 and kept the right one. Then this happened.


Here is something that is annoying. I have access to three locations, each hub has been set up by a different account and I am a member of the other two.

Here’s the rub. When I leave the app set to my home location, the iPhone presence location works and the automations I have set up work (I get texts to say I’m home or away as a check). However, if I leave my app set to one of the other locations, my location information isn’t used and I don’t get the texts or the location automations to trigger.

This the useless and crappy answer I got from support

Needless to say it doesn’t work
@tweason, @jkp
As of 2:30 pm presence started working if New instance is created for member location. You’ll get a notification about updating location and everything works


ST New App has been acting weird lately with my automations as well as presence and smart lighting

I am almost fed up

I run Alexa with ST

I am thinking of creating Automations on Alexa as an alternative utilizing presence.

I’ve got the same thing going on with mine. I’ve deleted the app, toggled my location setting, nothing is working. I sent a message to support but have not heard anything on this issue yet.

I created a New Thread to ask some of the senior members/users about…

Running Routines/Automations with presence on Alexa app vs ST
If that is the case…why would i need ST hub anymore?

Im having the same problem, anyone find a solution


The one thing these tech support knuckleheads don’t understand is when you do that on new ST, it actually also deletes the presence device and creates an entirely new device. Not only are the automations you created in new ST lost, but if you’re using WebCORE you have to go in and reset all references to the new device (you’ll see :areallylongstringofnumbers: in the piston where the old presence was)


Just here to report mobile presence issues as well using 2 android phones. Was working fine previously, but currently there is zero history of my wife’s and my phone updating presence. Frustrating!!

Same for me.
I was unable to have SHM to arm when we’re away since the new app. It’s been a VERY frustrating experience.
I just tried changing the device type to mobile presence instead, it reports it as 'not present in the IDE, which is true.
I’ll see if it’s updating after work this afternoon

Support emailed me back lastnight. They always respond when I go to sleep at night.
I have not tried this yet, but I thought I would share with you and maybe this would help

Just an update. I did not implement any changes recommended by Support.

Prior to the response from Support. I deleted my presence automations. I re-implemented the presence automations utilizing The New App only (placeholder).

The problem that was incurring was once Presence had me arrive home within the same minute it would change my status to Away/Bye Bye. It would then update itself 3 min - 5 min later to Arrival/Back Home again.

This occurred in The New App Presence (placeholder) and Classic App (mobile presence) . I tested Both separately.
This ONLY occurs to Android platform
IOS platform works fine and does not have this issue

So what i did yesterday was change (IDE) mobile presence timeout setting from the default 2minutes to 10 minutes.

Seems to be working fine yesterday and today…mobile presence on Arrival and stays in that state/mode.

This. It got to the point in my household that I made a global variable device in WC for the different presence sensor devices as populated by ST. From there I replaced all my pistons using the devices with the global variables. So now every time I have an issue with presence I only have to update the global variables in WC with the “new” ST presence devices.

Great minds think alike lol. Just posted here FAQ: Where can I see who's home and who's away in the new V3 app?

Did you notice that you have to resubscribe each piston after you change the device list? Do you know of any way to globally resubscribe all pistons (I have to pause/start each one that uses this construct).

I too thought this Presence Timeout setting had to do with mobile presence.

Apparently not: Updates to the SmartThings Platform


I did not, so far it seems like mine are working fine. I guess it makes sense though since even though the trigger on a piston is a global variable, that global variable is a different device. Need to do some more experimenting to see if thats how mine also function.

Simply pausing and starting them can be done through another piston. I have a button that acts as a trigger that either pauses or starts/executes a number of pistons. I’m not sure that by doing so it actually resubscribes to the devices since that is done at the finish stage of the editing phase?

I could see in the Full log that Pause/Start definitely resubscribes