At my wits end trying to create a simple automation

All… I’m trying to create an automation that uses my presence from my iPhone to turn on some lights when I arrive home. I used to do this using webcore, but that no longer works. I believe it was broken with recent iOS upgrade.

How can this be done? I’ve tried creating an automation using the new smartthings app, but nothing works. I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but could really use some help to get this to work.


Can you post a screen shot of the automation?

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Thanks, here you go.

if presence is no longer working in webcore then doubtful it will work in Automations as well. As you discovered, it stopped working for some iphone users after upgrading to iOS15.

For sure, this is frustrating. I suppose this is in Apple court to fix. Does it work with Android?

I believe it is up to ST now. The Apple update did make some changes that affected other apps that also used presence. Strange thing is… it still works with my ST app. No clue why!

I am sure there are some android users who have presence issues with the ST app.

Wait, you mention it works with the Smartthings app. That’s what I’m trying to do. Did I misunderstand?

mine is working but there are others reporting it is not working for them. Some have also reported that ST has responded that they are aware of the issue and will have a fix in an upcoming app update but no timeline has been given.

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Maybe I’m missing something. I have enabled “Get location from this device” and it created the placeholder device in IDE. I also went to “Manage Location” and defined the radius. What else do I need to do?

honestly, I do not have an answer for you. if you did that enabling of get location today… test it and see if it works.

I offered advice a few weeks back… one person reported it appeared to work but provided no follow up post so do not know if it helped or not. Everyone else said it did not help or did not wish to do all the steps.

that advice…

turn off get location in the ST app
login to ide and make sure all presence devices are removed for the phone
uninstall the ST app
ok, the step users hated and probably skipped - reset network settings on your iphone (this removes any wifi network settings, bluetooth connections and vpn settings so you would need to set those up again)
reboot your iphone
install the ST app
enable get location for the iPhone
add it back to webcore or create an automation and test to see if it works

I actually did those steps and it worked via webcore once or twice and then quit.

only advice I can give at this point is to report the issue to ST support and hope for the fix soon.

If you are able to install Life360 - that is one alternative you can use in the interim.


Remove the “after being away for 1 minute” and try again.


Okay, thanks. I’ll try that. We’ll see if it works tomorrow and I’ll report back.


My suggestion would to be first to isolate your problem to the location status or the Routine. At this point, it’s not clear if you are certain that your location status is changing when you arrive home. So I’d start with that. Watch your location status as you arrive home to see if it triggers expeditiously. (I have ST change my STHM and location mode when I’m away/arrive home so it’s easy to monitor.) The point here is that if your location status is not being updated promptly, then there is no reason to tweak the Routine until it does. If location is being updated promptly, THEN tweak the Routine.

Easier said than done since there isn’t a device card created in the mobile app for mobile presence. You have to create an automation to notify you when it changes, add it to something like SharpTools or Action tiles or create a virtual device to mirror it.


Good idea, I’ll have ST send a push notification to me when my presence changes.

No argument there, lol. I change both my STHM and my location mode and then watch it on a SharpTools dashboard.


Tangent question… is SharpTools rule engine an alternative to Webcore?

Yes, and you can find more about SharpTools Rule Engine here.