Confused with mobile presence

I’m trying to figure out how to setup new automatons based on presence. After the recent update & then the fix to correct the broken update, my galaxy shows up with placeholder next to it in the ide & no information if I’m home away, etc. My wifes phone is an apple & hers is listed as mobile presence. So is it still broken or am I doing something wrong?

Placeholder os correct for the new mobile presence device id viewing in the IDE. Mobile presence is the old device.

You cannot view the status of the new style device directly. You can only use it in automations or smartapps. Thats why a lot of folks have setup simulated presence devices to mirror the state of the new style device.

Thanks @nathancu for your quick response. So how would I go about doing that.? Of it’s hard then as long mobile presence works I will not worry about it & just setup a test automation to make sure it works but when I tried to setup automation when I’m home notify, it didnt work.

The native mobile presence may or may not work well. My mobile presence used to work flawlessly in Classic. After migrating, it only half works. Yes, half. I use it to arm STHM and do a couple other things upon arrival. My presence will trigger when I leave and arm the STHM, but it does not detect my presence when I return, or the automation doesn’t fire. Bottom line . . it doesn’t work.

I wound up switching to Life360 and disarm the STHM via IFTTT/virtual switch upon arrival.

(Galaxy S9)

What I did was install a new Simulated presence device in the IDE, make sure WebCoRE could ‘see’ my new style presence device and then use a piston to on arrival set the simulated device present and on departure set it away.

What I learned from this exercise…

The new presence device itself is light years more accurate than old presence.

The automation is the problem. I have many entries where presence flipped but the automation didn’t fire. I’m still trying to unwind why but thats on pause while I work with fallout of updating my Alexa skill.


@nathancu always the gentleman when responding & you, jd & jkp are the new support with smartthings…lol. @Bry thanks for responding but I’m probably not going to use life360 so I guess I’ll rough it out. Nat I dont use webcore so let’s see what happens. I’ll do some test automatons & see what the results are.
Thanks guys.

This. The automations are effing useless. Presence works great, the automations just don’t fire half the time. Support is beyond useless. They just ask the same questions and offer the same non solutions over and over.

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If you go to IDE - click on your presence device - click on list events - click on from device, it will show current state as well as previous activity.

Sorry I meant in the app

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