Phillips Hue Motion Sensor not working

I have been using 2 Phillips Hue Motion Sensors successfully for some time but yesterday they stopped working. The device shows up but no options available .
Have the device handlers been disabled? Do i need a new edge driver?
Please help Regards K

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Maybe this topic is answer

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I am experiencing the same issue.
Last 5 years using Hue Sensors with SmartThings.
Recently multiple devices went offline having worked seamlessly through many battery changes over the years.

Here’s a screenshot. The routine shows an error icon

If you click through it should give options, eg Motion / No motion etc to configure the trigger. Instead I get a faulty UI:

Aside from Hue Sensors, Aqara switches. Similar error icon.

Worth mentioning that the above Hue Sensors and Aqara Switches are Connected - this is not about devices being offline.

Rather the software no longer recognises them. It’s odd it all happened recently. I haven’t changed the device handlers for about 9 months.

Hope someone can offer some guidance thank you!

Your devices are migrate to a “Thing” and will no longer be functional on the SmartThings Platform.

The latest announcement on the matter
Upcoming Migration for Groovy Devices - Announcements - SmartThings Community

You have to find suitable Edge driver.

TapioX, thank you for your guidance.