My problems with Hue drivers

Hi need help here. I added the hue motion sensor to my smartthings and the philips hue lan edge drivers got automatically selected. Since it cannot be use yet, i selected another usable driver but that is not the issue. When i delete the hue sensor and try to add back again onto smartthings, no matter what i do the hue sensor cannot be added (scan for it and cannot find it). I tried another hue sensor i have and it happens to the 2nd one too now. Please help to advise. Thanks

Motion sensors are not yet supported in the beta version of the driver. If you import them, it will only be temperature and light level measurements. You may want to toggle the “re-import” setting in the hub device. You should not press the button after initial pairing.

I tried the reimport and it appear back but i do not want to use this driver since its not ready yet. The issue is when i turn off the hue motion sensor import, i cannot add this back to smarthings using another hue sensor edge driver released by iquix . I have another 1 hue sensor using the iquix developed edge driver and its working, will want to use this driver but i cannot add the hue sensors back to smarthings when i turn off the hue sensor import via the hub setting for this edge driver.
Shouldnt it be looking for other edge drivers that is able to work with hue sensor ? The issue now is i not able to add my other hue sensor (total 2) that was previously added using this LAN edge driver and not able to add it (after deleted) with the iquix hue sensor edge driver. Any idea how to resolve this?

If you don’t want to use this driver, you can either delete it, or you can toggle off the motion sensor as you mentioned. The drivers do not interact with each other. If that other driver can’t find it, you would need to talk to them.

With that said, I’m fairly certain that driver is a no-hub driver and pairs the motion sensor directly to the ST hub. This driver if for integrating a Hue hub. If this driver finds your motion sensor, that means you paired it to your Hue hub.

Delete it from Hue and use that other driver if you don’t need it in the Hue app.

Hi blueyetisoftware, i do use this edge drivers for the rest of the hue devices (those that are ready). So i cannot remove it. Dont get me wrong, i do want to use this driver but the hue motion sensor is not released. The issue is it seems that if i were to disable the hue motion sensor from this edge driver (from the hub setting) , i am not able to add the hue sensor back to smarthings using other edge driver. Do u know what is the issue? Again i do not delete this driver as i have setup dozens of hue devices with this driver (the lights and gradient leds)

Thanks for the advice

I have deleted it from smartthings and try to re-add it after switching off the hue setting for adding hue motion under this driver. Somehow it cannot be added back. When u said delete from this hub, i suppose u said delete from smartthings right. I didnt add this via the hue hub previously. Somehow when i add the hue motion sensor, this edge drive find the hue motion directly. So i deleted it and toggle off the hue sensor. But the hue sensor cannot add back to the smarthings. It happen again when try it on the 2’d one…

Im pretty sure i didnt add the hue sensor via the hue hub and it still find my hue sensor with this edge driver.

I honestly don’t know. There isn’t anything this driver could be doing that would impact his Zigbee driver. I suggest asking for support over there. It isn’t related to this driver or its options.

Just a question. Not sure if this is the cause (see image).
I think i have over 200 devices and i think i have no issue to add add more from other apps and appear in smartthings. But seems to have issue when trying to add directly to smarthings. But i have deleted a few and still have issue. I saw pple saying too many edge drivers could also be an issue?

By the way, when i clicked on smartthings hub in smarthings app, it shows only 80 devices connected to smartthings hub. Seems like i have 200+ devices but mostly are port over from other connected apps to smartthings. So does this restrict me to add more devices to smartthings? Well i can still add the hue sensor to the smartthings when toggle on, so how does the max devices work? Anywhere to check if the memory is full and therefore restricted me to add more devices directly to smartthings?

Still trying to troubleshoot this. Do not want to start removing devices from smartthings as its alot of work checking if i have these devices used in routines in google nest.

If you used this driver for your sensors, that means you added them in the Philips Hue app. There is no other way this driver would find them. It doesn’t use zigbee. The drivers asks Philips Hue for the devices. If it found them, then they are paired to your Hue app.

The other driver you are trying to use is a Zigbee driver that is for pairing the sensor directly to the ST hub, and doesn’t allow you to use the Hue Hub and app. You need to delete the sensors from the Philips Hue app to use that other driver.

And how is better? To use Hue app?

Yea these sensors are NEW and there are not on the philips hue app. Its not jz the philips hue sensor that has problem adding. All new devices cannot be added that is not part of any LAN including other brand of devices. As such i suspect the driver is causing a lack of memory.
I tried to add a NEW aqara and fibaro sensor and it has the same issue.

You can delete the driver to prove out your theory. You stated in a different thread that you were using this driver for 4 weeks. It wouldn’t have changed its memory footprint over that period of time. The driver is creating devices that map your Philips Hue system. If you have many devices over there, you will get many devices in ST. If your comment is that you are hitting an overall device limit, I might entertain that, but the driver isn’t doing it by itself. Other than that, there isn’t anything else that can be done in this shared thread. If you discover something more, you can DM me additional info.

@blueyetisoftware i have been running 4 weeks but on and off i do have issues and i have added more to the LAN driver and remove those under smartthings stock drivers that link philips hue devices . But i been adding and moving alot of routines with these device under the hue lan drivers. Not sure that have load more memory? Will it be so? As i have add more routines, i have also toggle more devices to have the setting to download the scenes over. So not sure if this cause it or other drivers or the additional routines that uses the devices hue favourite scenes load addiitonal memory? This is the only thing i been actively setting up last few days until one of the hue sensor (add directly to smarrthings) become unstable and i deleted it and try to add back but could not. Today i tried adding other new devices and not able too.
I saw this memory issue thing only yesterday. Not seen this before.

I have not delete the hue lan drivers as i have alot of devices now running under this , almost 50 due to the huge number of hue gradient strips i have. At first i suspect the memory issue is caused by too many devices and edge drivers

I have deleted then the un use edge drivers from 30 to current 17. And remove close to other 20 + devices (not using the hue lan) but cannot add a new single device to smartthings hub. So i suspect the overload are caused by active drivers running on the smartthings hub. To prove this means i need to redo alot of the past setup and that is why i am seeing any other better mthods

@blueyetisoftware another thing as the motion sensor is still not working under the hue lan driver, i have to keep my smartthings-philips hue stock driver and that means i have duplicated some devices as it is both under LAN and especially the stock driver, i cannot control the which devices do not need to be add onto the hub. For your driver its good as i can limit which one to port over. So it means those i port over under the hue lan driver will have a duplicate under the stock driver (even i delete those, when i scan again for any new devices, this with auto add back). Because of this i have additional 35+ duplicate devices under the philips hue