Philips Hue bulbs latency?

I wanted to get rid of “pop corn effect” and upgraded my hallways 5 wi-fi bulbs to Hue system with Hue hub. Otherwise they work fine but they seem to react relatively slow to motion compared to my old wi-fi (WIZ) bulbs, which I think was even little bit quicker.
What might be the problem? I got Hue edge driver installed but I haven´t done official linking with ST and Hue. Should that be done? I´m having an aeotec motion sensor controlling the lights, but that shouln´t cause an latency issue?

Is this the Edge driver you are referring to:: or ST’s direct connection to the hub?

What Edge driver is assigned to the Aeotec motion sensor? Which ST hub do you have?

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Yes, I´m using Philips Hue Beta driver from that channel and I have Aeotec (V3) hub. Driver in my motion sensor is stock zigbee motion sensor driver from SmartThings, which have been working almost a year like a champ with my old wi-fi bulbs.
Sometimes times the latency is like really bad and I can have several steps in the hallway before the lights come on.

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@sonikky Can you post a screenshot of the automation? Are you trying to turn on bulbs, rooms, zones? Are you using a scene or just on/off? How many scenes/devices do you have on your Hue hub? If you have “really” bad latency, it’s possible that your driver keeps restarting. Logs would definitively tell me what’s going on with your setup.

Turned out that my ST and Hue hub both used the zigbee channel 25 :kissing: Changed Hue to channel 20 so let´s see if that helps.

I would also just try to turn the bulbs on/off in the ST app. Check the latency. If that works fine, it’s something else in the automation.

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