Hue Lights Started to Work Slowly (March 2024)

I´ve been using Hue lighting in my home for a while (Hue hub + edge driver + V3 hub) and they´ve worked like a charm so far but at some point last week they started to act slow. I mean really slow, it takes sometimes up to 30-60s. for them to react motion or if I turn them on manually via ST. Sometimes rarely they work as should and if I control them via Hue app they work instantly. I haven´t done any configuration changes lately and been trying to reboot everything but nothing seems to help.
Is there some general problems at the moment or am I having some individual problems?

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Having the same problem, but not only with hue lights, also with zigbee buttons and power outlets. Sometimes the lag can even be several hours.

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Which edge driver are you using? There are 3 currently available:

  1. stock LAN version

  2. stock Matter version

  3. custom LAN version from @blueyetisoftware

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Oh, sorry I didn´t realize there´s other edge drivers than @blueyetisoftware version and that´s what I´m currently using.


I guess I am getting my answer on “Am I alone?” check this Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.52.11 - #41 by Zmarc

Seem to be since I got firmware 52.11 V2 hub.

Exact same behavior as original poster.


I was suspecting something like this and that´s a pity because most of lights in my house are Hues and this issue is starting to get beyond tolerable, but let´s wait a bit and see if there´s a simple fix :slight_smile:

Seems to work great again.
Many thanks to @blueyetisoftware !

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