Hue/ST ?good combination, ?faulty hub

I installed ST hub v2 recently, added Hue bridge to it
I’m not sure if normal but when using smartthings app, the hue bulbs are very slow to manage, I click to turn on or off a bulb and I see the loop circle for seconds trying to accomplish the task, most of the times it stays status doesn’t change/bulb doesn’t turn on or off, someimes bulb turns off or on but still status doesn’t change on the app. I’m not sure if it’s a defective hub, I did a factory reset without improvement. is it related to the fact that my hue bridge has 51 hue bulbs?
also happens with my iris motion sensor, sometimes I go in and motion isn’t detected

It’s not normal: there have been major problems with lag this week.

glad it’s not me only. they said resolved at 4am EST. I still had issues this am

The number of bulbs might also be an issue. officially, Philip says a Hue bridge can support up to 50 devices (that’s bulbs plus sensors plus switches ). Unofficially, people have reported being able to add up to 63, but with slowdowns and dropped messages.

I don’t know if there is a separate issue with SmartThings integration, but there might be. Or it might time out.

Oops. I just counted, 51 bulbs and 12 accessories between sensors and dimming switches. I guess I’m at the max 63. I don’t see any lag or anything on the hue app. I’ll try adding #64 and see if I get a new record

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If you’re still having problems check the hue hub network cable. Stupidly mine seemed to come with a dirt cheap cable (I.e. Half the wires are missing, tbh it’s the first time I’ve seen one), and as the hue hub 2 comes with a larger mains plug I couldn’t fit it in my extension socket (I’ve probably got about 5 out of 8 used, the 3 are covered by chunky plugs). Long story short I used a powerline adapter to plug it in, in another room, and discovered the reaction time was unbearably slow. Turns out you can use only 4 wires but for some reason my set up didn’t like it, changed the cable for a proper 8 wired one, works fine now.